Monday, August 8, 2011

Random Monday Thoughts

1. Blogger ate all of my sewing blog links in the sidebar.
2. It's going to take me days and days to add them back manually. The order you'll see them appear is completely random. I'm getting links from other blogs.
3. I had over 350. Really.
4. I have a job interview tomorrow morning.
5. I have no idea what I'm wearing.
6. The blue suit will be my Plan B.
7. I mailed out the Giveaway prizes on Friday.
8. I'm still behind on the drawing for the spices.
9. And behind on sending the gift card.
10. I made another USMC purse.
11. I decided to start a little "store" for them.
12. You can see it by clicking the MoM (Mother of Marine) button at the top.
13. My mom and sister talked me into selling these.
14. My sewing room has bits and pieces of cammies everywhere.
15. But I like the new bag style.
16. It rained all day today and I'm freezing. Yes, really. In Florida.
17. My internet died this morning.
18. I love Verizon, until something goes wrong. Then I hate them.
19. Not only do I have a job interview tomorrow morning, but I got called today for a temp job.
20. I had to turn it down because it started tomorrow, conflicting with the interview.
21. Figures.
22. The Marine is sweating bullets in Yuma AZ for 3 weeks.
23. It's been 108 there.
24. Dry heat at 108 is still hot.
25. I reminded him of North Carolina in the winter.
26. The interview is with a divorce lawyer.
27. If I get the job, the irony will probably kill me.
28. My sister laughed about it for 10 minutes.
29. I'm not kidding.
30. The later it gets, the more the blue suit is moving into Plan A position.
31. Eating pizza without the crust is actually not bad.
32. Except you have to use a fork.
33. When I was laying on my bed today, I noticed my forearms are wrinkled.
34. WTF??
35. And my hands are looking old.
36. I should've made more of my 30s skin.
37. Oh well.
38. It's not really a mid-life crisis. Just random thoughts.
39. Are you bored yet?
40. I could probably come up with 10 more to get to 50.
41. Here's a deep one - it broke my heart to read about the 31 special forces troops who paid the ultimate price.
42. And made me even madder that the (expletive deleted) Congress are such idiots.
43. No more about politics. It pretty much all sucks.
44. Kangaroos can't jump backwards.
45. Alex told me that.
46. He also told me that it will be one of those things I will remember for the rest of my life.
47. Now you will too.
48. I hope it's true.
49. I want to see the movie The Help.
50. I've read two books since I last blogged. I think reading is cutting into my blogging time.
51. But I missed reading so it's OK.
52. Well, at least for me.
53. Speaking of reading, I received a notice that Pleating for Mercy has now been released.
54. I like the new season of Project Runway so far.
55. But not as much as Suits.
56. I DVR them both and zip through commercials.
57. I hardly ever see any commercials anymore.
58. Some of them are funny, but most are crap.
59. I'm really rambling here.
60. Sixty! Wow. Good night.


  1. LOVED IT!!!! And I can easily believe your sister laughed for a good 10 minutes. It would be too ironic!!

  2. 60 - wow! The list made me smile. Not everything on it - but the view into what's important to you right now.

    And let me take this opportunity to thank you for your blog. I enjoy visiting.

  3. I read them all! Good luck with the interview. And sigh...old skin...what can you do? Nothing, so we may as well be grateful we have lived long enough to have it! And if we think it is bad now, wait until another 20 years....@#$

  4. Thanks for the reminder! I need to remember to enjoy my 30s skin now instead of wishing I had my 20s skin (and my 20s figure, now that I think about it).

    I too am a big fan of technology until it backfires on me, then all I can do is cuss at it.

    Good luck at your interview! The question of what to wear will probably become blindingly obvious if you put things on and stand in front of your mirror -- at least, that's how it works for me.

  5. Wow, lots going on! Good luck with the interview. The irony would be delicious. :)

  6. Good luck with the interview. And good luck with the MoM bags,,,I think a lot of MoMs will love them.

  7. I think the blogs you follow are listed as links in your profile, if that helps. And thanks for the laughs!

  8. I love the stream of consciousnesses list, even if some things are quite sad. Maybe you've already started adding them back, but I do see some links to sewing blogs on your sidebar right now. :]

  9. Too funny - thank you for the laugh! And good luck with the interview!

    Did he say why kangaroos can't jump backwards?

  10. Debbie, Anon is right! They are listed in your "Incomplete Profile". Hurray! At least you'll be able to find them more easily now. Good luck on the job interview.

  11. Your rambling made me smile :)
    Good luck with the interview!

  12. Oh, re: skin... taking Omega-3 fish oils can be great for skin. Whenever I remember to take them daily my skins always looks and feels way better :). (Omega 3's play a significant role in reducing inflammation in our bodies, and this is also extremely beneficial to the skin.) They also have a whole bunch of other health benefits too.

    Another great all natural supplement which is good for your skin is Chondroitin as it stimulates collagen and hyaluronic synthesis, the Hyaluronic acid helps the body to retain skin moisture.

    Also, MSM: Methylsulfonylmethane (sulfur) is a natural food supplement that helps promote healthy skin, nails and hair among other things. MSM is a food, and it's used in your body to help synthesis collagen.

    Lastly, there's Glucosamine which has been reported to have several beneficial effects on the skin or skin cells. Because of its stimulation of hyaluronic acid synthesis, glucosamine has been shown to accelerate wound healing, improve skin hydration, and decrease wrinkles.

    NB: O-3's, Chondroitin - sometimes called Condroitin, MSM - and Glucosamine are all great for improving feeling/movement in your joints, as well as benefiting your skin - the last 3 (leaving out the O-3's) can often be found in a single combined food-supplement in health food stores.

    Sorry for the really long comment - but I myself take all the above for my joints, and I noticed the added benefits to my skin after a month or two which I thought was an added bonus. So, I quickly Googled today to cut 'n' past the info. for you above :).

  13. I have to commiserate with you on wrinkled forearms - it's interesting to lose weight later in life - some things just don't recover as you might hope. And old hands, I could go on for a bit about those. I loved the list. I bet your bags will do well.

  14. If I lose five pounds, my arms and hands show wrinkles I never knew existed. Can't win! I've decided to go with the health benefit of less weight. In the long run you will be glad you did.

    A product I like is from WM called Equate Skin Firming Lotion. It truly is better than anything else out there I have tried and that's a lot. Loved your post and good luck with your bag business.

  15. Good luck with your job interview! I had a better comment, but blogger just ate it. Technology sucks sometimes.

  16. I feel for you son it's been over a hundred degrees here for 39 days now. But I don't have to be outside. Poor Kid. Good luck with the interview.

  17. Yes...the irony...Think of the help you could provide future clients, in that position.

    Reading is good!

  18. OK, Debbie, no fair. I laughed out loud at WORK at your post. Freaking hilarious.

    With regard to arm skin, AARGH! I mourn wearing sleeveless tops every summer. One of these days I'm going to go ahead and wear a sleeveless top out in public. Vanity be damned!

    Good luck at the interview.


  19. I loved this post - I could identify with a lot of your random thoughts. I am going to have to jump in about no. 35 - only yesterday I looked down and thought "whose hands are those?" Yikes, they were mine. What is going on with hands getting old looking all of a sudden? Anyway, good luck with the interview and my very best wishes and admiration to your Marine.

  20. Loved your list! The side-effect of losing weight, unfortunately, is more wrinkles. But I bet you'll find that you notice more than anyone else. Thank you for sharing the inside of your mind with us!

  21. What's cold in Florida - 80? I damn near died from the heat last week in Ft. Myers. You have a lot of random going on in your brain there. Loved your Tuesday interview outfit, too. I'm pretty random today, as well.

  22. Loved it! As for aging skin, I can relate. Wish I couldn't. And Alex is right, kangaroos can't jump backwards. At least not the ones near our house. :) And given how big they are (over 6') I for one am glad.

  23. Thanks! Now instead of obsessing things that don't need the amount of attention they're getting, I plan to sit quietly and consider kangaroos. Jumping forward.


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