Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sunday Miscellany

First, thank you all for the wonderful response to my wallet pattern! I can't wait to see what everyone makes — you *will* be sharing, right??

(In case you missed yesterday's post, the wallet pattern you've been watching come together over the last few weeks is now available in my Etsy shop, and the link is at the top of the left sidebar.)

Speaking of wallets … one of my testers, Beth, has blogged about her testing experience here. I think hers turned out very cute! (Especially for a test and a beginner's first-go at wallets!) Love the purple check! She did run into a snag with fabric choice which you can read about on her blog and which was my fault since the first version of the instructions wasn't specific about recommended fabrics and the prototypes I was showing on my blog used cammie fabric. (But, surprisingly, cammie fabric actually isn't thick at all.) The instructions are updated and I have a feeling Beth will be making another since they're quite addicting.

Here's what my finished and stuffed-full wallet looks like from the side:

In other cammie news … I've been working on a Marine cammie purse order and was all set to finish it tonight, except — I ran out of thread. And Joann's closed an hour ago. ARgghhhhh!

This one is a "special order" from a man who is buying it as a surprise for his wife. (Hmmm ... I hope she doesn't read my blog!!) They have one son who is an active Marine and another in boot camp. He sent a "retired" cammie blouse from the active Marine and since both were baseball players, a lining fabric to reflect that was requested.

I think this fabric is perfect — baseball and patriotic!

It's killing me that I can't finish it tonight, but I guess I'll "sacrifice" and catch up with my DVR and just chill.

In the meantime, here's a pic of what I'm wearing today. Remember when I mentioned a while back that I was buying the Walmart capris in my current size and then a pair in one and two sizes smaller? As of yesterday, I'm in the one size smaller now. My top  is belted and bloused because it's also really too big. Without as much tummy sticking out, it hangs way too far down. Yes, I should re-hem it. And maybe I will. ;-)

Parting Shot: The Marines at Cherry Point survived Hurricane Irene without major incident. They lost power for a while and Tyler reported a soaked and dirty area rug in his 3rd floor barracks room. Yes, *third* floor, but apparently the strong winds pushed the rain under the door and they had a mini flood. But far worse than all of that was this "horrible experience" …

Click to enlarge


  1. Ha ha...I was following Twitter on Friday night, and that happened a lot in NC (suspending alcohol sales). It's probably a pretty good idea, so everyone (theorhetically) has their wits about them, but I can see why this would be a major crisis on base.

    In central NC, we did not get one drop of rain, and boy do we need it. (off to look at the purple wallet)

  2. You are looking great! Keep melting those pounds.

  3. Wow, looking good! Keep up the good choices.

    Love how the wallet pattern was worked by your tester. I think I'll be purchasing the pattern when I'm not on such a tight budget.

  4. You are looking quite amazing! Love the wallet!

  5. It's about time you took a break! I'm still laughing at your son's Horrible, Horrible Experience!

  6. WOW Debbie, you look amazing!

    Great wallets.

  7. You're looking great! Your weight loss is really evident. How many sizes have you come down now? It's fantastic.

  8. Glad all made it through the storm in good shape. I echo meredithp -- not drop one in Pleasant Garden. Greenville hogged all that rain. We would have been happy to share.

  9. You are looking soooooo good! I'm impressed with how much you've lost!

  10. Congratulations on the weight loss. You look amazing.

  11. Looking good -- both the wallet and the new figure!

    Young people these days, ha. I'm sure he wasn't permanently scarred by such a dreadful experience. On the other hand, I'm grateful that the storm was not as bad as expected and some friends in its path were spared.

  12. Congratulations on your skinny pants fitting! You look great!

  13. Ha, that sign is too funny! They did the same thing Hoboken NJ, bars were ordered to close at 8 PM on Saturday. ;)


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