Thursday, December 15, 2011

Comments on the comments

First, thank you all so much for all the comments and the nice compliments — very much appreciated!

As of right now (checks watch: 10:35 PM), I believe I'm wearing the jeweled red shell and red drapey neck cardigan tomorrow. I always had it in my mind to pair the skirt with red for the party and while I didn't count "votes," I think this was the winner in the comments too. But then I started thinking that this will be a One Hit Wonder, because I don't particularly like to wear bright red at other times of the year. This inner discussion went on all day long and at different points in the day, I had decided on different outfits. But then I realized I actually don't care if I never wear the red again and that made all the difference. I don't have a fortune invested in the pieces, and I'll probably at least wear the cardigan with jeans and I do have that nice ivory cardigan I bought a couple of weeks ago which will look good with the skirt and tone down the red of the shell for later wearing. So that's where I am right now. Not sure about which belt, or any belt. I'll see how I feel in the morning. I'm leaning toward the wide black belt, though.

As to the long dress not being office appropriate … it's just that it's a long VELVET (velour) dress, which I think is just overkill for the environment. And funked up with the leather jacket and boots (which I don't own yet), it's then too … well … funky for work. If it were a different fabric, it would be fine for the office. That's all I meant when I call it "not office appropriate." But I *will* wear it at some point, even if it's far enough down the road that I have to take it in at the sideseams. I've always loved the dress and only wore it a couple of times before I outgrew it.

I did get to Beall's tonight and bought two pairs of earrings. What can I say, I like options. ;-) I even looked at purses but nothing jumped out at me so no new purse purchase but not for lack of trying.

After Beall's, it was to Walmart for grocery shopping. And I remembered to pick up another black and grey skirt in a smaller size while they were still available because I know I will miss them terribly when they're too big. For someone who never used to wear black, I'm becoming rather attached to my black skirt.

An email circulated today about the party tomorrow, telling us that cocktails would start being served at 11:30 AM. OMG. ELEVEN-THIRTY IN THE MORNING??? Good thing I'll be passing them up or I'd never make it through. Also good thing that I'm catching a ride with some co-workers in case I change my mind.

Oh, I also bought two dresses while at Beall's. But I didn't try them on yet. So I'm going upstairs to do that and then hopefully to bed before midnight. I have a lot of partying to do tomorrow.

Parting Shot: Have Yourself a Marine Little Christmas!


  1. Good choice...that was my favorite, too, although I didn't get around to voicing that! Have fun at the'll look fabulous!

  2. Yep, my favorite also! I'm a new reader, but I have a soft spot for your blog because of the Marine. :) My son is in high school right now, but has wanted to be a Marine for some time and is determined that he will join the Marine Corps.

    I'm finally getting back into sewing after taking many years off to homeschool kiddos, and hope to become as talented as you!

  3. have fun at the party. Cocktails at 11:30 a.m. and at work too! Wowser

  4. What happened to your other 2 dogs, did I miss something? Thought you had 3!!!

  5. Oh, and who walks them now that you work fulltime and sew the other times?


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