Saturday, December 10, 2011

FNSI Complete, aka Let Me At My Sewing Room for ME

I almost finished this wallet last night for the Friday Night Sew In (FNSI) but I ran out of steam. I did finish it up this morning and it's all packed up for shipping, along with the purse I finished a couple of weeks ago.

I've got 5 more purse and/or wallet orders (and maybe another 1 or 2 on the way from a woman who was admiring my purse at the nail salon this morning and took down all my info), which is great. But whew, it takes away from sewing for ME ME ME. ;-) So while I have the next customer project cut out and ready to sew, I'm not going to start on it tomorrow. Instead, I will be starting my houndstooth skirt. I haven't yet decided on a pattern. I should be smart and stick to my TNT Burda but I'm getting a wee bit tired of it. I've got lots of back issues of Burda WOF (when it still was WOF), and I think I'll drag my binders of the line drawing inserts out tonight and see if anything strikes my fancy. Yes, that will mean tracing and a muslin and I may go running back to my TNT, but right now I feel that I need some variety and challenge around the production sewing.

Speaking of Burda WOF, now BS (hah!), I'm thinking of subscribing again. I'm SO tired of the boring patterns offered by the Big 3/4. I was shopping again today and saw lots of cute things that there should be patterns for and aren't. None of them are too complicated and I could probably come up with patterns but I just don't want to spend the time on it.It's so much more instantly gratifying to just buy the finished item. ;-)

Speaking of shopping, there will be a "poll" in a day or so, to get your opinions on my Christmas party selections. I was all over the board today between semi-casual and very glittery. Everything is red, though (I think), which is what I wanted to match up with the houndstooth skirt and my black patent heels. I also picked up a fake leather jacket for $29, marked down from 4x the price. I need to see some pics of me in it before I decide if it's staying, but it will probably have to be absolutely horrid to overcome the great price. I swear, I'm never shopping anywhere other than Beall's. I always find 20 things I want. And it's only a mile down the road, much closer than the mall and NOT in a mall. What's not to love?

Alex and I will be here by ourselves for Christmas and we've decided we're going to get up early and head to Universal Studios Islands of Adventure for the day (which is less than an hour away). I've promised him I will go on whatever rides he chooses. I had to have a moment of raw honesty and tell him that I actually like the rides, but wasn't enthusiastic (read embarrassed) when my butt didn't fit into the seats (how sad). Now that it will, I'll be a screaming idiot and loving every minute. I think it will be a fun mom/son day. He thinks I'm a rollercoaster wimp when it was just a fat rear end so I've got some convincing to do. I do love a challenge. ;-)

Parting Shot: Tyler thinks there's a job for Chili on his base. I think he just misses his dogs.


  1. Uh oh - next step will be getting a Juki industrial to handle all your orders! :)

    Anything red and glittery appeals to the Jamaica Plain girl in me, so I'm already pumped to vote that way.

  2. Production sewing, ack, I feel for you. I went through that tedium when I made 56 2-piece dance costumes last year. An industrial machine really helps. Home machines run about 800 stitches per minute and industrials are 3000-4000 stitches per minute. And there are *a lot* of vintage industrials on Craiglist all the time for very short money, especially in FL (must be because of the theme parks and tourism) Vintage industrials are all mechanical too and easy to maintain. Think of it as a business expense :)

  3. Looks like it is time to make Chili a camo vest!

    I envy you and Alex going to Universal for X-mas day. I think it is a great idea (might be very crowded) I love the place and would do it myself (hubby and I) if we lived closer but we will be there in Feb. My DD works for Universal and it is her b'day in we are there. I hear ya about loving the rides but the butt was too big. I am there myself and gotta lose before Feb.

    I agree with you about the unexciting patterns in the Big 4. Why does it take so long for them to catch up with what is out in stores???

  4. Ok for laffs I just looked on Craigslist in the Sarasota area and there are 11 listings for industrial straight stitch machines and sergers.

  5. Very cute! My niece is in the Army and now I'm thinking I should make a wallet with camo type fabric for her. I really do love this pattern. It was so simple yet looks complex when finished.

    And that purse!! Love it!


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