Monday, December 19, 2011


A bunch of mostly disconnected stuff, except they are all sewing-related.

First up, the next in the OOO RAH wallets for a customer. I worked on this yesterday around football and Kindle reading. I almost forgot how much I missed reading.

I believe I can now sew these wallets blindfolded.

Tonight's sewing consisted of a 1-1/2" straight line, but it was an important inch and a half. This is the dress I bought from Walmart a couple of months ago. Aren't you digging the pants sticking out underneath? Before I would wear this dress I needed to lose a few more pounds so it didn't hug my butt quite as closely, and tack the neckline higher to keep my belly button from being on display. Both have now been accomplished and I will be wearing this tomorrow, with a cardi I've had on hold for the occasion. The temp is always cool in the office so a second layer is almost always mandatory.

Last night I started digging through some of my newer stash. Stash that hasn't even made it into the closet yet, but instead lives in a pile on the floor because of course I'm going to sew it all up in the next week. Yeah, sure. But I'm glad I did that because it stopped me from clicking the Purchase button on another cart full of irresistibles.

The fabric on the left is a knit which will become another Magic Pencil Skirt. I've been DYING to make another since the first one turned out so well and was so quick. However, I'm going to add a CB seam and kick pleat to this one just to change it up a bit. So much for quick. Hah.

The fabric on the right above or below, I haven't decided yet, will probably be the twist top from Butterick 5429.

It's circled in yellow here. I will need to make a quick muslin first for fit and to decide if I really like it.

Because I'm concerned about these drop shoulders. If not this pattern, I'll pick something else.

Now I'm just waiting for the lights to come back on at Candlestick park so the football game can continue. Looks like it's time to fire up the Kindle while I wait.


  1. I made the sleeveless Butterick 5429 for last summer.. I was fortunate it fit well with minimal tweeking. I was amazed how little fabric it took to make it. The twist is higher up and rather interesting. I hope you will find it flattering whichever version you make.

  2. The dress is looking good! It must be challenging to sew for a moving target!

  3. Wow, you're getting quite a bit done even with the holiday season! I have stash that needs to be sewn, but I keep hoarding it...for some bizarre reason. Like the world is going to end tomorrow and I'll never be able to buy more fabric? Tsk. I really should just get off my hiney and sew.

  4. Dress looks great. Why is the Ooo Rah wallet so named? Must have missed that post.

  5. Yeah! Another pencil skirt. I can't wait to see how you change this one. I love pencil skirts but have no place to wear one. Work is very casual and we seldom go out, so I will just enjoy yours. However, the quick pattern makes me want one!

  6. Wow! Look at your chinline!! What a jaw!! The last few pictures have show what a change your face has undergone recently.
    You're doing great with your diet AND your sewing.
    Happy Holidays

  7. That top reminds me of an old WoF pattern ... only the one I am thinking of had cut on sleeves. That would solve the drop shoulder issue of you don't like the final look


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