Thursday, December 1, 2011

I'm Back

Did you miss me?

I got back home around 11 PM Sunday night and it's taken me all this time to recover. Well, not really, but remember how I said things were civil around here? Scratch that. It's been anything but. I think we each got very quickly accustomed to not seeing the other over the long weekend. Well, at least I have my own bedroom now. But the rollercoaster has just plum worn me out this week and I'm going crazy with impatience waiting to find out if this job is permanent so I can move the heck out. (I don't expect to hear anything until January at the earliest.)

So, on to happier thoughts …

I had a great trip! It was, of course, fun to have my boys together for Turkey Day. But it was also fun to see my uncle (who's just a few years older than me) and his wife and family without STBex (soon-to-be-ex for those who asked, and not soon enough really) who always tries to dominate any conversation (ahem, reel it in Debbie), and also without my mother. She and her better half were on a cruise. It's been a long time (too long) since I got to visit extended family without her. Not that I don't like my mother, but it was just a different visit without her. My sister's husband stayed behind too, so we had lots of good sister time.

My uncle lives on about 20 acres outside of Virginia Beach. There's always "chores" to be done, like chainsawing fallen trees and then splitting the logs cut from it. We had some productive and enjoyable outside family time while the turkey was in the oven. He has lots of fun "vehicles" to make work seem more like play. My sons always enjoy their time here.

Alex chainsawing

Tyler chainsawing

Alex and Tyler and tractor #2

Alex on tractor #1

Making progress

Me and my Uncle Jonathan, and, yes, I actually drove that thing a LOT, hauling logs back to the house

My uncle's house

Tyler still chainsawing

What a brute!

The power logsplitter and a fresh stack

That, and eating, was pretty much all we did in Virginia. And drink wine and play cards. I think we were up 'til 3AM each night. No wonder I needed a week to recover.

On our ride through NC to bring Tyler back to base, we saw this guy. Santa traded the reindeer for a hog (OK, not a Harley but it sounded good).

Me and the Marine. Goofy, squinty pic of me, but I like it because I actually don't look as big as a house anymore when I stand next to Tyler. Thirty more pounds and I might even fit into his jeans. ;-) It was a great trip for my ego since EVERYONE complimented me on the weight loss. I wore ALL of my new jeans and only my brown boots all weekend. I didn't even need other shoes. Those suckers are so comfortable! Too bad Alex cut off our feet in this pic.

Both of my boys. Alex isn't really mad; they were facing the morning sun.

And that's the trip. I'll be getting back into the sewing room this weekend. I'm not sure what's on the agenda yet, but I'm pretty sure another Magic Pencil Skirt is near the top of the list.


  1. missed you. Looks like you had a productive (recharging) time off.

  2. Sounds like a great way to celebrate the weekend.

  3. What a beautiful and peaceful part of the world your Uncle lives in. Looks like you had just the best time there.

  4. Ooh, love your Uncle's house and surroundings. What a joy that must have been to have both boys around again in a relaxing atmosphere.

    Glad you're back safe and sound!


  5. Welcome back! Sounds like your weekend was nice, and I wish your week had gone better.

    Onward to better things!

  6. Your weekend sounds great. And yes, I missed you, it has been really quiet in the sewing world this past week.

  7. Yes, I missed your posts. Pungo? Chesapeake? I used to live in VaBch, and now I'm curious.

  8. What a great trip.You look great. Alex cut his hair!

  9. So good to see you are back. Now, do you think we can get your uncle and his backhoe to come to my house? I have this hill behind my garage that I need to move....

  10. Definitely missed your blog, enjoyed the pictures of the uncle's place and all of you. Hate the civility ended , know all about that. Definitely ask your lawyer before you exit the house or how to go about it should that be necessary. Allstates/situations are different but here my daughter was advised not to vacate by her attorney and civility ending was mildly putting it. It got dangerous and ugly for an extended period before the legal end. At least your boys are old enough that there won't be non ending arguments with visitation issues to keep the pot boiling and you can have a new life pretty much when the split is done. It is all worth the trouble when things get to the non civil point.
    Glad you are back and recharged and we are all hoping with you for a permanent hire and the new life. mssewcrazy

  11. Take a deep breath and you'll get through the tough stuff. It's great to see you with your boys! It's amazing how genetics works, isn't it? Both boys look like you, but in very different ways! I'm glad you had a good Thanksgiving. Hang in there, the tough part will pass...

  12. I so hope the Universe is good to you on this one. I can't imagine having to live in the same house. Does Florida not have community property laws? Anywhoooo....
    I am glad your trip was so much fun for you. Your Uncle's house is beautiful. Having so much fun, "working" together is good for the soul.

  13. So glad to see you back! Sounds like it was a good visit - everything's better with chainsaws!

  14. What a fun trip! It is my dream to someday sit on a tractor. (Of course, I'd be singing "Howdy Neighbor" from "Summer Stock" while I drove it.) Welcome back!

  15. I figured out what STB meant, but I was having fun every time I saw it to come up with other meaner words to fit the acronym.

    I asked my mother once if she could start over what she would want to do for a living and her answer was to drive large vehicles and construction equipment. I had a flashback to this conversation seeing you on the fancy tractor.

    Glad you are back. I always look forward to your posts.

  16. Welcome home. Sorry the home isn't welcoming. I missed your blog posts. You've become a part of my day and have me very motivated again.
    One of the things we learned from a friend... which is fun as well as dissipating any anger/frustration you might be feeling is when things get tough just picture him in a tutu with shiny red pumps ala Wizard of Oz. At the minimum it will make you smile, and for me the internal guffaws help me to ignore the negativity. Good luck!

  17. Welcome back! Looks like you had a enjoyable Thanksgiving with family. I hope that your job works out for you (you deserve it!). I know what it feels like trying to walk out of one life and into another - waiting for all these outside forces to align (job/family/divorce) so that you can move on. Hang in there. It will all get better.

  18. Alex is a big guy was my reaction to the picture of your sons together. It looks like it was a fun weekend; your uncle's house is really nice.

    And I guess with the less-than-civil reception in FL, you won't be hauling your butt off to rescue someone from car wrecks any more! I do hope your job situation solidifies very soon.

  19. Yes.. I did miss you!
    You look lovely and those lads of yours are fine men. Your uncle's home and property look like something I could live on forever.. sigh!
    I thought I knew my ex as we were married 20 yrs. NAH... after I left, the true colours came out. $%(@#
    Keep strong and this too shall pass.
    It is funny how when some people are absent you can have a close quiet lovely times with family..

  20. whoa! Look at you! You look fantastic in jeans! Glad you're back, too.

  21. Having had been in that same exact position your in except my kids were little, I can totally relate. I just made home life so miserable (passive aggressively) that he left because he initially refused to.

  22. You look like a natural on that tractor!!! Sounds like a great visit. Good luck on the home front, I'm thinking of you.


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