Thursday, December 8, 2011

Not Much

Just a few pics of what I've worn the last couple of days. This was Tuesday's outfit. It's my Vogue 1250 dress with the Vogue cardi I just made and am too lazy to look back a few days to get the pattern number. The belt is getting big now, so it likes to slide off-center. I'll need to find a replacement because I like having a wide brown belt.

Here's a sideways shot (and my head looks weirdly small). The tum still has some disappearing to do but it's definitely going in the right direction. Chili was a love pig during this shoot and had to be in every pic. He's so cute he can (and does) get away with anything.

Today's outfit is all RTW. The dress you've seen before, from Walmart. One of my best buys ever. I love this thing and it was less than $20. The cardi is from Burlington on my shopping trip before Thanksgiving. Today was the first day I wore it. It has covered shank buttons up the front and on the sleeves. Nice touch. Also under $20.

It's cold here tonight so I'm snuggling up by the Fire ;-) and reading under the covers.

I just finished this one:

… which was pretty good, very John Grisham-like, and only 99¢ on Amazon. But now I'm reading the real thing, The King of Torts. I usually keep up with all of his books, but I've missed a few and didn't have to wait long to borrow them from the library. If you're interested, I'll be posting what I'm currently reading in the upper-left corner of the blog. The new Lucky magazine was also delivered to my Fire sometime in the last 24 hours. I'm still undecided about whether I like reading magazines on the Fire, since I have to do my fair share of zooming in or give in to the cheaters. But you can't beat the convenience factor.

Work went very well today. I can't really elaborate, but I made a few good impressions and actually had people "clamoring" (my boss' term!) for me to design a couple of projects. It's nice to be needed and wanted. It does the soul good. :-) Our pot-luck party yesterday was fun. I ended up with a good gift and mine was well-received too. I'll try to remember to take a pic for the next posting.

Back to the covers and more snuggling with the Fire and Dani.


  1. If you like that particular belt, maybe you can punch a few more holes in it? The "tail" end might get a bit long, but it should be manageable for a while.

  2. I love the print on the RTW dress especially. Wish I could find that fabric! Off to go snuggle with my Kindle too.

  3. Hi, I've been reading your blog for months but have never commented. Just wanted to say you are looking awesome! Congrats on being able to keep losing weight despite all the stress in your life!

  4. Good for you!

    About the belt: I kinda like it of centred.

  5. That first photo of you in the vogue dress and the cardigan are very becoming. Like the outfit.

  6. Like the outfits! I second the idea of punching another hole in the brown belt, but at some point you might as well replace it.

    I tried reading magazines on the iPad and found it way too complicated with needing to use the zoom for print, etc. Plus, my primary use for magazines is at the gym and I don't see the electronic devices being as easy to use on the machines.

  7. Connie (Grandma C)3:11 PM, December 08, 2011

    Did I tell you already about some of the vintage sewing books that can be found on project gutenberg (I always have to retype it as I first type Gutermann LOL)
    I will look up some of the titles but they are heavily into hand stitching. What boggles my mind is how young little girls were started sewing and how rigidly they are judged by the quality of their handiwork. It was clear nothing more was expected of them than to sew a neat stitch!
    Love the shirt dress and the wide belt. Have you considered rubbing off a pattern of the dress? I've used Glads press n' tear to take a pattern off an existing garment. On a dress I wouldn't bother about the skirt - just the fitted areas, then once I transfer the pattern to paper, I would add the skirt just using measurements at key locations.

  8. This is my first visit to your blog. Very nice! I love your office attire fashion show! Giving me ideas for dressing up some! Congrats on the continued weight loss! You look fabulous!

  9. This is my first visit to your blog. Very nice! I love your office attire fashion show! Giving me ideas for dressing up some! Congrats on the continued weight loss! You look fabulous!

  10. Congrats on the job progress and the weight loss. You are lookin' good!!

  11. Have you ever read Brian Freeman? If you like cop mysteries, he's good. I love the series he writes with one cop (that I can't remember the name of, ha) but the first book I read was his most recent and it was fabulous.

    I'll read practically anything though.


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