Saturday, December 3, 2011

Random Thoughts

1. I think I've decided what I'm going to do to celebrate the birthday I'm not having this coming March.
2. It involves travel, NYC, and fabric.
3. Can you guess?
4. Who wants a houseguest?
5. I'll share the couch with chihuahuas.
6. I've been sewing a skirt all day that should've taken a couple of hours.
7. I'm still not done.
8. Do you think making a carrot cake in the middle has anything to do with the delay?
9. I don't even eat cake anymore.
10. But Alex does.
11. And he loves carrot cake.
12. Not as much as Tyler, though.
13. But he's not here.
14. Snap!
15. I made my own confectioner's sugar, out of necessity.
16. It's easy if you have granulated white sugar.
17. And a blender.
18. A food processor doesn't cut it. Literally.
19. Why has some packaging not evolved in 50 years?
20. Like baking soda.
21. And blocks of cream cheese.
22. As soon as the cake cools, I'll frost it and then get back to that skirt.
23. I now have about 20 free books on my Fire.
24. Who knew there were so many!
25. And thank you for the suggestions left.
26. I'm now obssessed with the free books.
27. Even though it's going to take me a couple of months to read what I've already downloaded.
28. Kind of like my fabric stash, eh?
29. Speaking of fabric …
30. I found THE houndstooth check at Gorgeous Fabrics.
31. Maybe my hem won't run uphill.
32. I should be able to squeeze a skirt from a yard of 60", right?
33. I bought some black lining too.
34. With the skirt I'm making today/tonight, I'm officially out of suitable linings.
35. Which is a good thing, since I'm getting tired of seeing turquoise poly or olive rayon inside my skirts.


  1. This almost reads like a Faulkner novel - you crack me up. Color me green - a trip to NYC and fabric Nirvana. My absolute favorite lining - a Japanese rayon lining in nude from Gorgeous Fabrics (now out of stock - I hope she gets more!

  2. Well you have my email addy so hit me up when you're coming and I will take a day/afternoon off from work to hang out with you...I mean if you want! *LOL*

  3. A fabric shopping trip to NYC sounds like the perfect birthday trip!

  4. I have a friend that notifies me about free kindle books once or twice a week. I will forward those notifications to your e-mail if you like. They tend to be mystery/detective style books.

  5. Yum... I want that cake! I think I'm having the same birthday you are not.. also in March...

  6. I am down with the carrot cake as well, it's really good!
    If you substitute whole wheat flour, there are versions that are actually not that unhealthy. ;)

    And yes, come visit NYC!!!

  7. I LOVE carrot cake -- can I come over?

    I am also sick of looking at the lining in my stash -- guess that means I should use it up. Of course, that also means I need to learn to line stuff. *Ulp!*

    And I don't know why you're refusing to have birthdays -- I always consider it a big "up yours" to the universe that I'm still around. Definitely worth celebrating with some fabric shopping!

  8. I LOVE your blog!

    And you're looking fabulous!!!

  9. Sounds like a great non-birthday present to self! I don't have Kindle Fire but have iPad App and love free books from lots of sources. Like you, it will take me forever to read all that I download free or not.

  10. I laughed out loud at number one. I'm not having a birthday in February, also!

  11. Sounds like big fun! Definately take Carolyn up on her offer - she's absolutely lovely! g

  12. And you even put a carrot on your cake. How nice. I fear fabric shopping. I have too much fabric, according to my menfolk. And sometimes I'm overwhelmed with my choices.


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