Saturday, April 21, 2012

Random Saturday Thoughts

1. Man, I have a LOT of crap.
2. And I haven't even started on the sewing room yet.
3. Blogger changed when I wasn't looking.
4. I think I like it.
5. At least in HTML mode, where the screen is so nice and wide.
6. Ten years' worth (give or take) of Sew News makes great, FREE, packing material.
7. Threads will work too, if I run out.
8. Don't panic. I think I'm going to treat myself to the DVD collection (or is it CD? Whatever.)
9. You waste good packing time when you get to the old family albums.
10. Gawd, I even found pics of me in a bikini.
11. I'm going through tape faster than boxes.
12. I hope I have enough to last through the weekend.
13. Or else Alex is getting assigned an errand.
14. Hahaha.
15. I've finished packing the living room and family room.
16. And most of my "office" area (really in the family room, but separate).
17. I think I'm making good progress.
18. Until I think about how much is left.
19. I'd rather buy boxes in one convenient place than scrounge for them.
20. But thanks for the suggestions.
21. I think I'm going to end up in the neighborhood of around 200 boxes.
22. Hoolie Doolie!
23. Hi Belinda.
24. I'm getting pretty excited about moving now.
25. I can't wait to be there.
26. And once I'm there, I have almost a week off from work.
27. Plus another almost-week at the end of May to go see Tyler off.
28. And pick up Alex's "new' car from my brother-in-law.
29. I've decided I want to plant a vegetable garden at the new place.
30. I know nothing about this.
31. Any good websites for newbs?
32. I figure in Florida, the veggies will pretty much grow themselves.
33. Well, they do that anywhere, but you know what I mean.
34. At work, the Marketing Department presented itself at the quarterly shareholders meeting yesterday.
35. I hate public speaking.
36. But everyone said I did well and they liked what I said.
37. Whew. But let's not do THAT again anytime soon, OK?
38. No matter how much I love my job. ;-)
39. I also had my magazine interview that I mentioned a few weeks ago.
40. I do much better one-on-one than me in front of many.
41. Now that I've sat my butt down to write this, I'm paralyzed.
42. But I need to get up and keep packing.
43. Just keeping packing ...
44. I hope the pool is warm when I get to the new place.
45. And I mean warm by Florida terms.
46. Bathwater.
47. That's it for now.
48. I tried to get to 50, but I just couldn't.
49. Unless I cheat.
50. Like this. ;-)


  1. I laughed when you said that you have a lot of stuff! Moving is generally when you realize how much junk you actually do I know? Been there, done that! Good luck with the packing!

  2. Deb - it's not just the's the UN-packing (I think we still have boxes out in the garage from when we moved into this house in 1983).

  3. Being an almost native Floridian, i thought it was too hot to grow anything but tomatoes. But of course, they do grow vegetables and strawberries in Florida, to name a few. Perhaps it seemed like it was too much work to me. Your county extension office should be a big help in that area, because I'm sure some things just will not survive in Florida.

    I just love your random lists.

  4. The idea of moving terrifies me. I'm sure I'd have more than 200 boxes.

    But it sounds like things are going great!

  5. Deb, U of Florida has a website about gardening in Florida (I think - or is it Florida State?) I just went blueberry picking at Blue Moon Blueberry Farm in Litha today. They have a beautiful farm - made me want to run out any buy a blueberry bush.

    Have you thought about container gardening? Earth Box (or similar) types of things are great for greens.

    Good luck with you move. Oh, and I agree - bath water warm is best.

  6. trust Debbie to LIKE that Blogger changed one afternoon - without warning. I am still figuring out where my spam comments went to - since I turned off the undecipherable word verification.
    Couldn't they have said - you have 24 hours to post your last post on the old interface?

  7. Hi! back at you. Now just keep packing, keep packing, keep packing.............

    Are you still reading?......I said go pack!!! :)

  8. We do a lot of veggie gardening but since our climate is totally different from yours none of my experience will be any help :) ....I agree with Andrea though, container gardening might be the best way to start and Gardener's Supply Co. has a lot of great kits for container gardening (including Earth Boxes) Started plants would also be the easiest to work with and plants from a local garden center (as opposed to a big box store like Loews) will have varieties selected to work best in your climate.

  9. This is central Florida blog

    Lots of good info there

  10. I known nothing about FL gardening but you may have critter problems as there is lots of trees in your new neighbourhood. I'd start small to see if you like it, perhaps container gardening or tomatoes from the upsidedown hangers; some chives, basil and parsley for your salads. Lettuce needs cooler temps and will just wilt in the heat; unless there is a variety for FL!
    Send Alex now for tape, you don't want to run out while you are on a roll, hahahaha.

  11. Oh my, I love these rambling thought lists. :D

  12. If you want to really grow things in hotter weather, find out if the new landlord will allow you to build raised garden beds. You can use lumber or cinder block, line and fill. This makes gardening significantly more comfortable while also focusing resources (water, etc.) in the one area you want...

  13. Good luck. I hope that the pool is bath water warm for you too. Thanks for taking the time to post. ReRe

  14. Yeah - I understand about lots of stuff. After closing out my Mom's last apartment (after she down-sizes 5 times in 7 years) - the last time to a tiny !br apt - I couldn't believe how much she still had. So when we got home from wintering down South, I started REALLY clearing out. I'm going through every room, every closet, every cupboard, every drawer, the garage and two sheds. If I tackle one day, I should finish by the 4rh of July!
    So far I've filled the van twice for the Goodwill, the 65 gallon trash can twice, and I'm building a small mountain in the family room for the kids to go through & "take or toss."
    DH is moving quickly to take care of his mountains of crap before I get to them. He told friends he keeps working because he's afraid if he sits down I'll haul him to the Goodwill! Hmmm! should have thought of this years ago - Yesterday I got him to go through 25 years worth of paint cans - Today he was tossing old power supplies and battery packs from tools long gone, rotary dial telephones and about a half mile of phone and modem cables. Now if I can just convince him to toss his hometown weekly papers (10 years worth!) and his 10-20 year old computer books...

  15. Florida gardens burn up in the hot sun by August. I've been doing limited gardening here (across the state from you in North Orlando) for almost 40 years now. Nothing lives past August without a lot of protection.

    Also.. the tomato hornworms huge and obnoxious and the ants are EVERYWHERE!

  16. Florida gardens burn up in the hot sun by August. I've been doing limited gardening here (across the state from you in North Orlando) for almost 40 years now. Nothing lives past August without a lot of protection.

    Also.. the tomato hornworms huge and obnoxious and the ants are EVERYWHERE!

  17. I am in that same moving process. The movers come this Friday!! When in doubt throw it out (give it away, donate, toss) is my new motto. This time around I am marking boxes that don't need to be unpacked anytime soon. Like you, I'd rather buy boxes since everything is going into storage - they stack much easier.

    Good luck! Sounds like things are really going well for you.

  18. Computer technology will change radically in the next few years. It may soon render documents stored on cds completely inaccessible. Also, those plastic discs are not stable for long-term storage. Don't toss out all your old sewing magazines: paper lasts for centuries.

  19. I hear ya... packed up my in-laws about 17 years back... they had been in their house around 30 years! 6 bdrm home... to a 3 bedroom... DH wanted to know why I kept coming home with stuff? Hard to throw out good sewing stuff!
    I was wondering about this magazine interview? I checked back for a couple months and didn't notice you mentioning it... just wondered what it was for?
    Good luck with the sorting/packing/'s a good way to purge junk... hope your keeping receipts when you donate... it's a write off the taxes!
    Jean C.

  20. We're starting to discuss (and cuss) moving to a less expensive area. We moved a bunch of terribly important stuff into the shed when we moved here (in 1989), and haven't looked at it since. Last fall, we emptied it out, and hired someone to haul it away. And took the old paint, oil and electronics to the hazardous waste recycling. It was a good start, but only a start.

  21. HI :) I am in Southeastern Ohio-NOT your area..BUT...Hint for gardening. RAISED BEDS,CONTAINED BEDS~~~~whatever you want to call them...Look up LASAGNE GARDENING/SQUARE FOOT GARDENING...I own over 6 ACRES of land. I have PLENTY of garden room. Raised/contained beds are the way to grow ;) EASY to take care of when you have a LIFE to work and live :) Learn to LOVE MULCH TOO :) YEP, Found you by way of SEWING. It's what I DO to earn a living :) BEST from Cheryl

  22. Agh, moving. I moved just about annually from age 18 through age 29, but now have been in my place about 8 years. I can't imagine how much crap I have, though I do try to do a big purge every year.

  23. I second(third?) the raised beds and container gardens suggestions. Another good source for containers is the 5 gallon buckets, I'd check with restaurants first, as they would never have had nasty chemicals in them. And they are often free. Get one or 2 with lids on them to carry the garden tools in, and then you also have your seat when you need a break. Since I'm in Iowa, I only know that summers are not great for gardening down there, but you can grow things the rest of the year. The suggestion of the university web site is a good one.

    Yeah - moving is an enlightening experience, unfortuately I don't mean that literally in my case.


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