Saturday, October 20, 2012

How I Spent My Saturday

And, to quote Forrest Gump, that's all I have to say about that.

After this morning's post, I dove right into skirt making of the Magic Pencil variety. And then I realized I had absolutely NO elastic for the waist band. Grrrr. I knew I had a hair appointment so I planned to stop by Joann's before that and make only one trip out. (When I get in a sewing zone I barely even brush my teeth, let alone leave the house. TMI?)

I cut out the Magic Pencil skirt and then my ADHD (not really) took over and I started looking at my other skirt patterns. Before I knew it, one jumped out at me and I had a muslin cut and sewn together.Simplicity 2451 will be skirt #2 in the Carnival of Skirts.It won't go quite as fast as the MP, since I do need to make a few adjustments to this pattern before I cut the real fabric tomorrow.

But, as you can see up above, I did actually finish the Magic Pencil once I was back from my haircutting-elastic-buying-quick-grocery-run trip. The fabric is dark brown stretch bengaline, the good stuff, bought from Joann's of all places. But last year — sorry, and not labeled as such. I used my modified skirt pattern to include a back slit. I think the slit adds about 15 minutes to the cutting/construction time and oh-so-much to the finished skirt. The top shown with it is not really a top, but it will be soon. It's a dress I made that's now way too big, but I love the dotty brown knit and I want to remake it into a shell or draped neck tee.

My hair salon always has a wonderful display of pretty costume jewelry, and at quite reasonable prices. Not Walmart prices but not boutique either, and they *are* boutique quality. I always drool over them but hadn't ever caved. Until today.

I bought this bracelet. It's got different colored metals and jewels and will go with everything.

And this necklace, which is a lot sparklier in real life because the large stones are surrounded by smaller sparkly stones, which aren't showing up well in this pic. This goes great with my hair and general coloring and I'm sure I'll find (or make) something to wear with it.

This set I bought for my work friend, the one who was my drinking buddy last night. She was buying the drinks over my protests and she's also gifted me with a couple other small things. I saw this and knew it was very her, and so it will be come Monday.

And speaking of the haircut ... here's a goofy shot. Nothing different, just a trim. I went curly today.

Parting Shots of the deployed Marine at sea. Since it's been a while since I've updated on him too. He called me from the Philippines the other night. He's probably on his way to Hong Kong now. Most of his squadron went back to Japan but he volunteered to stay on for the Hong Kong leg, just so he could go there on Uncle Sam's dime. Smart Marine. :-) He'll meet back up with them afterward in Japan before coming back to the States sometime in late December.

Yes, that IS a Darth Vader mask. And yes, that's Tyler wearing it.

Aboard Tyler's "home" in the Pacific somewhere.Awesome photo!

Just hanging out.


  1. I like the new outfit! Cutting the dress down to a top will work wonderfully. And thanks for the Tyler update!

  2. I like your second pattern pick also. Nicee neck bling (necklaces).

  3. I love your jewellery buys, and the skirt looks good too. Great to hear that Tyler is really making the most of every opportunity. Hong Kong is wonderful!

  4. If you think JA's at Halloween is bad, wait until Christmas! My favorite "f'ing" story comes from JA's at Christmas, though. As I stood with the hundreds (maybe thousands?) of women with small, unruly children waiting to have something cut, a woman walked up to counter, pushed her way to the front and yelled "where are the drapery rings". Equally as loud, the closest associate pointed to the back wall proudly displaying "JOANN FABRICS" in large letters and said: "back there, against the wall, under the 'F' in fabrics". Say it out loud (snort) and you can picture how quiet that store suddenly became. But I have to go today to pick up some picture mats I had cut - wish me luck, I'm goin' in!

  5. Your jewellery is lovely. It's a good buy if it perks up basics you already have sitting in your wardrobe. So no need to feel guilty:-)
    You must be so proud of your son. What amazing pictures.

  6. I think your hair looks great that way!

    I showed hubby the pictures, and he said things like gator freighter and sh-60.

  7. Nice outfit, new jewelry, new haircut, and photos of the deployed Marine.

  8. Cute outfit, cute jewelry!

    On JoAnn's, I found myself there last year in the week before Halloween and holy s**t was it awful. A month later I somehow had to go on the day after freaking Thanksgiving and faced a nightmarish long line at the cut counter where every single woman had a cart full of fleece. So that is another time to avoid.

    I'm glad you are back!

  9. Love the top. I have that pattern and have it too! If you would like to send me Tyler's mailing address, where I work we are sending care packages to those men and women deployed over the holidays. I am heading up the program so I want to send to people with a local connection, which would be Tyler, since I am in the Tampa Bay area (Clearwater).

  10. Okay Debbie - you sold me on the Magic Pencil skirt!


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