Friday, January 4, 2013

Random Friday Thoughts

1. Put away Christmas stuff or sew?
2. Why do tires cost so freakin' much?
3. I hate Enterprise Car Rental for ripping off the Marine.
4. I *will* take it up the ladder for him if he can't work it out.
5. In public.
6. Put away Christmas stuff or sew?
7. Thinking of a sewcation for the end of January.
8. At least a stay home and veg-cation. ;-)
9. I actually ROLLED OVER 60 hrs of vacation from 2012.
10. I can barely remember the last time I had a job with paid vacation, and I'm sure I used up every square inch of it then.
11. Chocolate martini or put away Christmas stuff?
12. That one's not even a contest.
13. Supposed to rain all weekend.
14. The Marine was scraping ice this morning with a credit card in NC. Hah.
15. In his Service Bravos.
16. Have you heard about the Marines' new "non-casual Friday" rule?
17. I kinda think it rocks, being a non-casual Friday kind of person myself.
18. I haven't sewn pants in 2 years.
19. Maybe I need to revisit that.
20. I was hoping to lose 30 more lbs. but I've been stable for over a year so maybe that's not gonna happen.
21.Put away Christmas stuff or sew?
22. I still love my job, but why aren't weekends 5 days long EVERY week?
23. I think I want to make a ponte knit dress.
24. Wonder if there's anything suitable in the stash?
25. Put away Christmas stuff or sew?
26. But first I have to finish that spur of the moment print skirt.
27. And embroider tees for my brother-in-law.
28. Not really digging the idea of production embroidery.
29. Selfish sewing is more fun.
30. For me, anyway.


  1. Sew! Then, chocolate martini. I find my sewing suffers if I do it in the opposite order.

  2. sheesh! I lost count how many times you mentioned "put away Christmas stuff AND/OR sew!"

  3. Sew! There will be a weekend that you don't want to sew and you can put the Christmas decorations away then. And I hope you have some ponte in the collection to make a dress, because they make awesome dresses!

  4. you can put away decorations any while you feel like sewing

  5. Sew....definitely! If you leave out the Christmas stuff for long enough, you will have a head start for next Christmas.

  6. If you procrastinate for 350something more days, you won't have to put away Christmas stuff until next year.

  7. Hi Debbie,
    First of all - DEFINITELY sew! Your soul needs it.

    Second - if you decide to sew pants - try the Sure-Fit Designs pants kit. I made a quick mock-up and was really pleased with the outcome. I haven't finished/tweaked it since, ahem, I ate a few too many Christmas cookies this holiday season.But as soon as I am down to my fighting weight...

    Happy New Year!
    Maris Olsen

  8. I say sew! I wished our weekends were 5days and we only worked 2 but got paid twice as much... now that would be the perfect work week. We'd have 5 days a week for sewing and the extra money we would need for all our sewing projects... ah we can dream can't we?

  9. Hi Debbie,
    First of all - definitely SEW! Your soul needs it.

    Second of all - if you decide to make pants try the Sure-Fit Designs pants kit. I was really happy with my first mock-up just based on my body measurements - not additional adjustments - but since my weight is up a little since the holidays I want to wait before I tweak the pattern. Good luck!

    Happy New Year!

  10. Sew, sew, sew! Oh, and have a chocolate martini!

  11. Sew and have a chocolate martini!
    I put away my Xmas decos in bits and pieces... it is a painful chore!

  12. Is there really any contest? Sew, sew, sew ;)!

  13. The decisions I'll leave to you but - How do you make a chocolate martini?

  14. Deb - if you don't have ponte in the stash, go over to fabricmart - they have it on sale today.

  15. My Christmas tree is still up. Sew. Definitely. Before the chocolate martini.


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