Monday, January 14, 2013

Tired Ramblings

1. I'm tired.
2. Almost too tired to even write this.
3. The dress remains on Zillie waiting to be finished.
4. I thought I would get in some sewing time this past weekend but my time was instead spent working Saturday and then FINALLY clearing away Christmas, cleaning the house after, and vegging in front of every football game.
5. I worked a LOT last week (c'mon OT paycheck!) and stayed up too late last night which is why I'm tired today.
6. Wait 'til I spill the beans on that zipper so many of you commented on.
7. There are finally some Style Arc patterns I might be willing to plunk down the bucks to buy.
8. But I hate the freebie for this month.
9. So, to wait or not to wait?
10. I'm taking a week+ off in the next 2-3 weeks.
11. Exact dates yet to be determined while we are in semi-crisis mode.
12. Not really a crisis but I'm too tired to think of a better word.
13. The last of the firm's "founding fathers" passed away this past Friday and there's been a LOT to do in our department and all over the firm as we organize obituaries, memorials, and services.
14. My time off will be a staycation, and hopefully a mostly sewcation.
15. I'm hoping to get to the pile of things needing something from the sewing room.
16. Meaning, remakes or take-ins or tweaks.
17. And around those projects, some new ones.
18. I need to take a page from Carolyn's book and spend the next couple of weeks planning so I don't end up with analysis paralysis and nothing sewn.
19. Really looking forward to the upcoming long weekend.
20. Did I mention I'm tired?
21. And it's only Monday?
22. It feels like Thursday. ;-)
23. As soon as I make to 25 I'm putting on the PJs and climbing under the covers.
24. Tomorrow is payday, so that's something to look forward to.
25. And maybe I'll order those Style Arc patterns, freebie be damned, and hope they arrive by the time I'm staycationing.

Good night!


  1. Definitely, definitely plan ahead it makes sewing so much wasted time wondering what to sew! And it must be something going around because I can't believe tomorrow is only Tuesday instead of Friday - which I wish it was!

  2. I didn't like last month's freebie either, so I'm thinking I'll just have to order anyway. So far, I've bought 2 patterns with freebies I love, so I won't stress about getting nothing much for nothing. I love Style Arc. The fit suits me, the drafting is great and the finishing is often ingenious. Great instructions, too.

  3. It must be something about the middle of January because I feel exactly the same. Antidote: make a gorgeous summer dtess.

  4. well Debbie, at least it is Friday now! Have a good weekend and sleep in.


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