Monday, April 1, 2013

Last Day

Today is the last day of my vacation. I know I needed the time off because I haven't really done much of anything. All the best laid plans, etc., but what I did the most of was nothing. A signal to my body/soul that I needed time to just vegetate. I'd been going pretty much non-stop for a year and a half.

Alex started a new job today I helped him get with a printer we use regularly for my job. It's weird to be home while HE is at work. LOL I've been thinking about him all morning and can't wait to hear how it all went when he gets home.

On the sewing front, the mojo just hasn't been there. Oh well. That's just how it goes sometimes. I did manage to eek out a couple of things and rework some others, and there's still the rest of today and, who knows, I just might get a wild hair. ;-)

I made this top, shown last post, and then made this skirt morph between my beloved Magic Pencil and the Neue Mode.

Instead of being pegged inward, using the NM shape flares out the hem a little. I again incorporated slits into the flare and topstitched the side seams with a triple straight stitch. It's still a boring brown skirt, but it has a little more visual interest now. And I wear brown at the office like NYers wear black so it's nice to have YABS in a lighter shade of brown.

Here's the one pattern piece, after morphing the two patterns together. If you have the MP, you can see how easy it is to change up the shape a bit.

Next, I "fixed" this HP Butterfly top that I made to wear on my last birthday. I wore it that day and then never wore it again because it was just too low and I felt like the middle of my bra was on display. It wasn't really, but every time *I* looked down, I could almost see my navel.

Originally, the tie was only attached at the back neck. I slid it under the neckline stitching and stitched on top of the coverstitching to hold the tie bands in place, effectively raising the neckline two inches. I think this will get worn now because I do still really like the shape of the top on me.

Next, while straightening up my closet, I found this wrap top that I made a few years ago. I always liked the fabric, which is 3D/textural - the "print" is a print but it's also separate little pieces fused to a black background. But I was never really fond of the top on me. And since I made it when I weighed a lot more, it certainly wasn't doing me any favors now. I tried it on and completely by accident noticed that when untied, that half looked a lot like a waterfall cardi.

So, I snipped it apart where the inside wrap was sewn to the sideseam and then snipped off the ties. And, voila! A waterfall cardi that I like a lot better. Since the fabric is 3D, the raw edges where I snipped don't even show. I think this will actually get worn now, even through summer as my office is always on the chilly side. A/C does that to us Floridians. We freeze when it's not 80 degrees.

I also resewed a CB seam on a skirt that needed reinforcement above the walking vent and I want to hem a pair of black pants that have been waiting in my closet for a year. Yeah, I'm bad with repairs/mending. I have good intentions but never motivation to do these tasks that take 15 minutes. Pitiful.


  1. You may not have done much sewing, but suddenly you have a lot of "new" clothes to add to your wardrobe! I really liked the butterfly top when you made it, so I'm glad that you've salvaged it. :)

    Enjoy your last day of vaca!

  2. Sometimes the best holiday you can have is one that you just recharge. And with the move, new job etc, then you have had a big year.

    Great tops. Love the re-done waterfall cardi. Beautiful. Love all your fabrics. Great save on the butterfly top. It really is beautiful and deserves to be shown out and about.

  3. A relaxing holiday of nothingness is always needed - I am on holidays at the moment, with the "I'll-do-it-tomorrow" attitude .... until my holiday of tomorrow's runs out ... J

  4. Glad you got to relax on your vacation, probably more needed than new clothes... And we finally got a couple of warm days!

  5. Great job. Proud you had a good vacation. and enjoyed it.. Happy sewing.

  6. Vegetating can be good for the soul. And you really have been going nonstop for the past year and a half! Nice save on the tie-neck top--it's really cute, so I hope you enjoy wearing it more now.

  7. Great fix on all of the above... I'm in the process of fixing a couple of v-neck tops that as far as I'm concerned are too low in the v for me. Anyway I have plans to un-pick the shoulder seams near the neck area; not all the way across... and brought up shortening the neck line.
    I'm doing this also on a v-neck dress. Short and sweet trick and me; I will be a happy camper!
    Read you soon...


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