Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Quick Pic

Does Dani think I'm nuts? (Don't answer that!)

I'm too tired (after a day a work, a stop at the store for some dinner items, cooking dinner, cleaning up, and then walking the dogs) to make it into the sewing room tonight to continue working on my dress tonight. Maybe tomorrow. Or maybe the weekend. I'll have to see how it goes.

But in the meantime, here's my new top and skirt as worn to the office today. You can see that one of the things I did NOT do while on vacation was get that long LONG overdue haircut. I'm a shaggy windblown mess. Partly because the weather is so nice right now that the car windows need to be down, but mostly because it's just too grown out. I thought I wanted to try longer hair again but every time I get to this point, I give up. I really think the shorter styles flatter me more, so I'll likely be calling for a hair appointment soon. Plus, who wants all this hair in Florida summer?


  1. I love the color combination. Very cute!

  2. A great outfit. Looks fab together. Love the skirt. I will have to make some of those. Looks great.

  3. It looks great and you look great!

  4. Hi Debbie! I'm not doing much blog reading these days but caught up with you today - I must say, you look fantastic!

  5. I love the top and the fabric! Great outfit!

  6. Hello, It was a DREAM to find your incredibly informative blog..and then I belatedly read about your recent financial/career challenges. I certainly don't want you to post any of this comment on your blog unless you want to, but what can we, your "beneficiaries" do to HELP YOU?? Have you already got things handled, or do you need some affirmative assists from your larger community? I was *shocked* to read your comment about potential homelessness and we can certainly all pull together to prevent that Draconian outcome. I'm in the throes of needing serger and coverhem machines and you've helped me soo much--I need bargains because I, too, am dealing with some challenges.

    I'll bet we can put our heads together to help you if you need anything. I just wanted to put that 'out there' because we are truly Al In This Together. Thanks for all you do! :-)
    If you still need a home and an income--that should all be very possible and perhaps we could chat. I've been sewing 50 years! OMG, I started as a 10 year old 4-H'er on a Columbia Basin farm, using my mother's mid-40's White sewing machine. Just so you wouldn't be concerned that I'm secretly an axe murderer contacting you out of the blue. :-)


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