Sunday, June 25, 2006

Next up on the cutting table

As I mentioned earlier, DH's birthday is Tuesday. He's already getting concert tickets to see one of his favorite bands from the 70s/80s (Little River Band) but I thought I'd add something he can use a little sooner since the concert isn't until August.

Tonight, I've cut out Kwik Sew 2936 from a khaki twill that's been aging in the stash longer than I can now remember. I wanted to measure the inseam of his favorite similarly-styled shorts but of course he was wearing them today. So instead, I guessed my best and added an inch and a half to the length and I'll hopefully be able to sneak a measurement tomorrow (or at least sometime before I have to hem them).

Pattern changes I have already decided on include leaving off the eyelets and drawstring at the waist and using a button/buttonhole closure instead of the Velcro recommended by the pattern directions. I hate what Velcro does in the washer/dryer when males (at least the ones in *this* house) forget to stick it to itself before tossing into the laundry bin. The pattern has side cargo pockets and one rear pocket. I may need to enlarge the rear pocket because DH's wallet is the larger bi-fold type. Another measurement to sneak in when he's not looking.

Now, off to check the thread and zipper supply to see if I need to make an early trip to Joann's before starting.

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  1. Keep up the inspiration for me! I am going to take measurements from my DH's favourite shorts too. And add some pockets that aren't there on my pattern. But first I'd better get to sewing that shirt I cut out yesterday...


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