Tuesday, January 6, 2015

2014 Top Fives (or Sixes)

As you probably already know, the lovely Gillian of Crafting a Rainbow is again hosting the Top 5 series, aka The Yearly Roundup. (Click on that link to Gillian's blog to see the other bloggers participating and don't forget to include a link to yourself if you recapped. I noticed more than a few blog links missing.) It took me a LOT of time last year to pull everything together so I almost didn't want to do it again this year but I always enjoy everyone else's round-ups/reflections, so ....

The good news is that compiling this 2014 recap was actually easier than I was anticipating. The bad news is that's because my sewing output for 2014 SUCKED. Hah. But I completely understand why and it's not really that big of a deal ... now.

Before I get to the sewing, my biggest "miss," as I'm sure you can all guess, was unexpectedly losing my job this past April and in the middle of a house move, and my biggest "hit" was finally becoming a permanent, salaried employee at my current job. This job and the last are, as they say, as different as night and day and it's so easy to see that everything happens for a reason, well, at least when you're viewing the reason from your rear-view mirror. :-) I like this job and my coworkers very much and the firm treats us all very well. Yay me for hanging in there through it all (and Yay! for your support), but I have to say that I HATE being poor (who doesn't?) and I'm so glad to be past that speed bump. I've learned that nothing is forever, and I really hope that I get to be the chooser of any job changes from now on. But since I have no crystal ball, I will be once again building up the savings account. Cuz you just never know.

So onto the sewing stuff. I went through my 2015 blog posts and pulled photos in no real order of what I made during the year. It's funny how the "misses" coincide with job/situational unhappiness and once I was settled in here at the new job, I made more keepers.

I still like this SBCC Mimosa top and hate to tag it as a "miss," but the truth is it doesn't get worn very often anymore because it has to be ironed, and even then, it wrinkles so much during wear so it looks like it needs to be ironed before I've even finished wearing it for the day. I would like to replace it with a wrinkle-free poly version or another less iron-needy fabric.

SBCC Mimosa - original blog post here
I hate this dress. But just THIS dress, not the pattern mix I did to come up with it. The fabric just isn't right. I've only kept it because I would like to try again with a better fabric. It also kind of reminds me of the Colette Dahlia, which is weird because I don't really like the Dahlia.

Pattern Mix/Hack - original blog post here
I've never worn this one. The print just isn't right for the style and the neckline doesn't want to cooperate so I know I'd be fussing with it constantly. Need to donate it and just move on.

McCall's 6752 - original blog post here
Another fabric fail. First, the fabric is that horrible cheap rayon knit from Fabric.com that so many of us fell for. Second, I'm not liking the weird "lines" of the print. Worn once and now collecting dust. Another donation candidate.

KS4026/Broke Woman's Myrtle - original blog post here
The cardi ultimately is a fail, even though I love the color. I don't like the length/width combo and the sweaterknit fabric is not cooperative with the back neckband. I was inspired by the Muse Jenna cardi and am much, MUCH happier with the real pattern. The skirt was a test for a pattern which I've never seen released. Hmmm. I like the skirt but it's another item which needs serious ironing.

Jalie cardi hack - original blog post here
Finally, some winners. Whew! I was getting worried there, and no wonder that on top of everything else in the beginning of the year, the sewjo took a hike.

This dress I wear. All. The. Time. Since these pics were taken, I shortened it to hit at my knee instead of below it. It works for both summer and winter. I need 10 more.Think anyone will notice?

Muse Gillian - original blog post here
Another Muse. You will see there is a theme starting here. Kat, hurry up with the next one. :-) I'm so glad to have my beloved teal skirt back in rotation since making the Muse cardi and KS tank twinset. The weather has been warm/cold/warm/cold even moreso than usual lately but we're heading into very cold this week and this set will definitely see an outing.

Muse Jenna #1 and KS 2759 - original blog post here
Another Muse cardi which is another hit, and the Butterick skirt I dubbed my Carolyn Corporate Skirt, also a hit. I need more of both of this and the above skirts.

Muse Jenna #2 and Carolyn Skirt (B4877) - original blog post here
My HotPatterns Uptown/Downtown sweaterknit dress.This dress is so comfortable and I like how it pairs with nearly anything, especially the matching Muse cardi above.

HP Uptown/Downtown - original blog post here
And the summer version here, which I also wore a LOT.

Original blog post here
Speaking of summer (and sunburns?), I also wore this dress often during the warmer months. It's funny how the interlock version was one of my biggest misses from 2013 yet a remake in other fabrics is a 2014 hit.

Vogue 8805, original blog post here
The skirt below is an unknown. I haven't worn it yet. Not because I don't like it but because I forgot about it. Hah. It inadvertently got buried in the sewing room. The mind is a terrible thing to ... er ...what was that? ;-)

Simplicy 1697 (skirt) - original blog post here
And last chronologically, but certainly not least ... my Muse Natalie dress. When I first saw the pattern lines I never would've guessed how much I would end up liking the dress. It gets worn at least every 10 days. I try NOT to wear the same dresses each week, but sometimes I sneak favorites in because I don't think anyone else is really keeping track.

Muse Natalie - original blog post here

Here's to kicking 2014 in the ass to the curb and welcoming 2015 with open arms! Happy New Year!


  1. YAY for your new job. I enjoyed reading your recap post. I'm looking forward to trying out the Muse cardi sometime soon.

    Happy New Year!!

  2. Happy New Year! Well you managed to make quite a few items even with the job situation and the house move - well done :)

  3. I love all your hits. But, I really love that you're back in the groove. If I make it back to Tampa, margaritas on me!!

  4. May this year be one of your best years ever. Keep smiling, love your hits, heck even like some of your misses. Your are inspiring. I enjoy/appreciate your blog. You also have a terrific son.


  5. I am so glad you found a job you are happy with! That in itself is quite an accomplishment. Your wins are just gorgeous. I wish you a prosperous 2015!

  6. Love the hits, and especially the last one I once too, worried that people actually noticed what others wear in the office, until I found out that one man in our office wears a white button-down long sleeve shirt, navy pleated slacks, with a brown belt and brown shoes. Every. Day. Worst part, his immediate cube neighbor had no clue.

  7. I like almost everything, whether you call it a hit or miss. I'm so sewing deprived that at this point anything would be a hit for me. I'm so happy for you to be happily employed and pray you remain so until.....!

  8. I think my favorite outfit is the Muse Cardi with the Carolyn Corporate skirt. Wish my made clothing looked as good.

  9. I really love your flippy skirts. Here's to a wonderful 2015 filled with lots of sewing and job security.

  10. You are fast becoming the muse for Muse Patterns! Here's to a great 2015.

  11. So glad you have ended the year on an up note! You've made some great clothes, but I really love that cardigan and skirt combo!

  12. I love all your creations! Muse patterns were definitely a hit with me, too. :)

  13. I know it's on the "miss" list, but I really really like your version of the Mimosa top. There was a sale over at SBCC a couple of months ago and I bought it. Now, you've got me thinking that I need to make one asap! :)

  14. It is a credit to your sewing that your misses are lovely too. Shame you don't feel comfortable in them. Your wins are simply gorgeous and I really have some deep fabric envy. I think my fav is the teal outfit.

    Here's to a wonderful 2015.

  15. I sewed one dress in January, then a skirt in June, a dress in August, and 4 of the same dress in different colors on October. It wasn't even worth posting about. Hubby's triple bypass one year ago next week kicked the stuffing out of my sew-jo! (Great word you invented, BTW). I like your wins, and most of your misses were good in theory, if not in real life. Hope the job stays wonderful through 2015, and I'm glad you're back on track! Happy New Year, Debbie.


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