Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Finished Fringes on me

Not my best photography (is there such a thing for me?), but also not on Zillie so there's that. 

Here are my finished Chalk & Notch Fringe dresses on me in mirror shots. That harsh overhead lighting and shadows for the Fringe #2 pics are doing me no favors, but whatever. I've now grown too old to care. Much. Hah. 
I wish this fabric would hold up, but it's just not going to. I suspect I'll be retiring it after a few more trips through the laundry cycle. I'll reclaim those buttons when it goes.
This fabric is so much nicer, but it definitely feels a little heavier to wear. Both dresses are extremely comfortable since they are loose fit and flowy. Perfect for the very warm days we're still having. (What happened to that cold spell that was predicted?) This should be the last you'll see of the Fringe dress for a while. But it's a keeper and an easy sew, so it might pop up again after the navy dotty version dies.
Cyrus, as usual, is pretty much Velcro'd to me and you can almost see him behind me. He's such a cuddle.
I'm just about finished with the HP Beatnik top but I'm not loving it on me. It's very boxy. I'll finish it and it will be a house sweatshirt, which is needed because my made-for-Florida house gets pretty cold on cold days when we have them. And we do always have them.


  1. So glad you have been posting again. I think I like the dotty one the best.

    1. Thank you! I love the dotty one too but the fabric is not long for this world. :-(

  2. Love your dresses, will have to look into that pattern. You are such an influencer! I just made a jacket/sweatshirt....why? I also live in Florida and it's only cold for a few seconds! LOL! Happy Sewing!

    1. Thank you Bonnie! It's been cold enough the last couple of days for that new jacket/sweatshirt! I wish I had made one too! Brrr.


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