Tuesday, August 8, 2006

Progress Report

The photo above is indicative of Blogger's image uploading today, not of my sewing. Although I have had snail sewing days too. What's with Blogger??

Anyway ... I have sewed DS's trial shorts as far as I can go before he needs to try them on. (I keep forgetting to jot down the Burda pattern number so I can link it here. Oh wait ... look online Debbie! Here it is, 2713.) I changed the construction order so I would end up with a center back seam up through the waistband to allow for easy taking-in (or letting-out) after the try-on. I basted the waistband on, basted the center back/crotch seam, and serged the in- and outseams separately in case I have to redo those too. I also left off the back and side pockets. I'll put on the back pockets if these are a Go. I'm hoping we'll be close on this first pair. He's so not-picky that if they fit at all, he will want to wear these even if they are technically a test. Maybe I'll get them done by tomorrow morning, but maybe not. I have lots of Football Mom stuff on my plate for the next week or so.

While I was in sewing zen, I also decided to finish the wearable muslin for my turquoise Burda WOF blouse. Why I didn't decide this before I changed the serger and machines threads to black for DS' shorts, I don't know. So, all threads are now white and I'll have to change them back. Why do we who sew dread those thread changes so much? They take what — three minutes, tops?? All that's left for that blouse is the buttons, which I'll sew on by hand while watching Rock Star tonight.


  1. You are spot on about changing the thread! Sometimes I feel like working on something else other than my current project, but I look at the thread color and then....well, this is why I am such a slow sew-er! And I don't even have a serger, so you can change your 3 minute re-thread time to what....10 seconds? Ha.

    Hope the water is fresh and clear and, other than the big bite in the budget, no longer anything to worry about.

  2. LOL! I've been known to spend entire cutting days on fabric of the same color so I won't have to change the serger thread...sad, isn't it?

  3. Hey, I'm even getting to be Ok with white serged seams on light colors, that's how bad I hate changing my serger thread! (And it's not even hard, my Juki is a sweetheart to thread.)

    Love the tee too...I got my BWOF one day and the next day you posted that tee review. Sheesh woman.


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