Saturday, August 5, 2006

And Done-Done

I wish I had straighted this up on Zillie before snapping the pic, but you only notice these things after the photo session is over. Oh well. Here's the 100% finished blouse. Wooo hooo! The buttons are just simple pearly white plastic buttons but until I find something better, they'll do. Otherwise, the blouse would remain a UFO and I wanted this done and off the list.

I took a few more pics of some of the details. This one below is the right side of the collar/fringe.

This next photo is of the wrong side of the collar. The fringe is sewn as an applied strip and then the excess seam allowances of both the strip and the collar pieces are cut away. This will fray like mad in the laundry for the first few washings, but eventually it will fray itself out. The two passes of stitching are hopefully secure enough to hold it all together.

Next, a blurry (sorry) shot of the inside neck, showing the bias facing.

And finally, the buttonholes. As you can see, the top buttonhole is sewn on a slant. The placket where it joins the bodice is angled at the top and the buttonhole really wouldn't fit without the slant. I matched the angle of the empire seam and I think it looks fine. It works well too, keeping the top of the placket neatly together. Form and function together, how nice when that happens.

Tomorrow is a PSD. I'm hoping to cut and sew another pair of denim capris. I find myself living in the two pairs I've already made.


  1. Congratulations! We can be the Finished Blouse Twins. I like your slanted buttonhole. It might have been interesting to slant them all; probably a little tough to keep them all at exactly the same angle, and it would really show if one were off. The best part is getting it done though, isn't it? Love your fringe!

  2. Oh! Slanting them all ... now that would've been cool. Where were you last night, Liana? LOL!

  3. Really like the whole concept. Fringe, slanted button hole. The lines in the blouse are so interesting!


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