Monday, August 7, 2006

Quick Tee

The tee is done and I like it. I made this with almost no alterations to see how the pattern fits before I alter it. It's pretty good, but I will need some alterations for a great fit on future versions. Still, I'll wear this a lot and I think I'll wear the whole outfit to the concert we're going to Wednesday night. (Remember the gift tickets I bought for DH's birthday back in June and supplemented with the shorts I made for him? Unbelievably, the time is already upon us.)

I've reviewed this pattern on PR here. Below is a detail pic of the coverstitched binding and seams.

Next up on the sewing table is a pair of Burda shorts for DS#2. They are cut and ready for stitching. This will be a "muslin" (maybe wearable, maybe not) for him because I'm not exactly sure of his size, even after taking measurements. He's kind of all over the chart.

But first, lots of errands and other stuff to do today.


  1. That looks great and I love the color! I wish I could get you over to my house to teach me to do neckline binding, yours looks so great. I think I'm still doing it wrong, after my second try...

  2. i want a coverstitcher!!!! i like the CF seam. great looking tee.

  3. I'm with Linda! Boy, those seams/finishes look professional!

    Glad your well woes are behind you...what a weekend...

  4. I really like your tee and skirt. Your finishing looks great.


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