Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Bits and snips

This is the carpet under my cutting table, after a week. I recognize all the snips except that yellow-ish one in the middle. What/where did that come from? I'm sure you can all relate. So now before I start another project, I feel the need to vacuum. It shouldn't be too hard because the vacuum is actually still in the sewing room from last week. I've been tripping over it for days, which somehow didn't spur me on to actually using it and putting it away. The biggest problem with vacuuming in there is that as soon as I finish, the threads and fabric bits will jump back onto the floor in the blink of an eye. A creative room definitely doesn't equal a vacuumed floor.

In other bits mostly unrelated to this or each other ...

It was the pockets of DS' jeans that I slightly screwed up. There is a row of satin stitching and a row of regular topstitching across the center. On one pocket, the satin stitching is the upper row. On the other, it's the lower row. Not a huge deal in the grand scheme of things, but not what I had intended. I'm over it now but those little goofs do bug me when they happen, being the OCD idiot that I am. And if it had to be, why couldn't I notice it before I attached the pocket to the pants and thus have a less labor-intensive opportunity to fix it — or, even better, not notice at all?

DS#2 has been into me sewing for him lately. He doesn't want to go to the mall (yay! neither do I) but he wants new things. I think seeing the stash out of bins and now quite visible in the open closet has given him a mental green light for shopping it. I like sewing for my sons because they usually have a unique style or design in mind and so in a way it feels like we're collaborating. Which I guess we are. It's also quite ego-boosting that they believe I can make anything. Lucky for me they aren't wanting 3-piece suits.

I started and finished this shirt last night.

It's Simplicity 4207, reviewed on PR here. DS' input was on the iron-on transfers. He had sketched it out and laid it on my desk without me knowing and I found it afterward. Isn't that cute? How could I refuse?

He did love it, but he's not about to grin in any 6:30 a.m. photo! I made the shorts he's wearing too, the test shorts here. Gotta love a kid that asks for sewing and then wears it too!


  1. Uh, the fact that you got a teenager to get out of bed at 6:30 is a feat in itself. Unless it is a school day, then no way is that going to happen! It is 10:00 a.m. here and DD is STILL in bed. In her defense, she is sick. That first cold they get when school starts has come on strong!

    Next time he will smile. I love the haircut! Don't you love the stages they go through (cough, cough)? I remember my middle son had hair down to his shoulders his senior year, and curly too! Now he keeps it so short that you can't see the curls anymore.

  2. It's the best feeling when they you for clothes. He'll obviously never have any problem with self-expression or standing out as his own man. The T looks great.

  3. I know that I left a comment on PR, but I just had to tell you again - your shirt is fabulous! I really love the coverstitching and the transfers!

    I have a couple of questions for you - first off, do you use a coverstitch machine or does your serger do coverstitching? And what machine do you use? I have been seriously contemplating getting a new machine and would like to get some opinions before I test run some machines.

    Secondly, I went to the link for the transfers - they look very professional. I've used some in the past that kind of look plastic once they are on the shirt. How do these compare? I'm thinking about ordering some!

  4. Stacy, There's a link at the top right of my main blog page -- "My CS'ing Tutorials" -- which should answer some questions you might have. Lots of CS threads on PR too. I have the Babylock CS, which I love, love, love! I can't imagine not having it now. I also have a Viking 936 serger which can do a CS ... and I never used it for that. That should tell you something. I love it as a serger though. I reviewed it on PR if you want more details.

    The transfer paper is really good. If you trim away the excess, it really looks like it's screenprinted. If you don't trim, it will be an opaque white but that's not too bad either. It does kind of feel plastic-y but not in a cheap-o kind of way like most other transfer papers I've used. The color lasts forever. I've washed tons of them. It does crack over time, but so does screenprinting and "grunge" is in anyway. ;-) I also like that you press it face up (with a translucent paper over it), so what you print is what you get.

    HTH and thanks for the nice comments (everyone).

  5. Thanks Debbie! I've sent the coverstitch info to my husband (I figure if I harass enough, I may get one for our anniversary or Christmas this year, lol) and I purchased a sampler pack of transfer paper to try them out - thanks again for the link and all the info.

  6. Debbie, you make such fabulous teen-friendly clothes, how could your kids resist?

    The only sewing I've done for my oldest son has been costumes; at least hea appreciates that! ;)

  7. Over the years, I too have spent many happy hours collaborating with my own son. He started designing hockey pants and jerseys at age 10 and soon branched out into street clothes. He's in college now but still asks me to sew things for him now and then. This is more than just sewing, you are making wonderful memories for both of you!

  8. I think your yellow thread came from the same sewing fairy that dropped a whole ton of RED lint in my bobbin area today. I haven't sewn anything red for ..... well, cannot remember when!

    Great shirt for DS and I especially like his having a real idea of what he wanted. I'd rather have a definite opinion than the "that's fine", "I'm fine", "it's fine"! Gee, that never helped!

  9. LOVE the shirt!!! I gotta invest in that transfer paper, it's great! Love the hair too ;)

    As for the thread ...maybe we should all do a different kind of SPT (Self-Portrait Tuesday) and instead post a snapshot of the thread on our sewing room floor, LOL :D I'm thinking of rigging my lint roller to a handle and just rolling it up now and then on that! Has that been invented yet? Hmmm...


  10. Your son is very lucky to have a good looking t-shirt made by a mother who cares.


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