Saturday, September 2, 2006

Grand Intentions, Humble Actuality

I had lots of plans to be sewing today, thinking it wouldn't take too much more time to settle into the new digs. Hah! I'm still puttering around in there and it's after 10 PM. Tomorrow is another day.

DH hung my thread racks today, which means my bureau top in the bedroom is free and clear again (and in sore need of a thorough dusting). I originally thought the racks could be hung over the pattern cabinet but I realized I wouldn't be able to reach spools on the top left rack without a stepstool so Plan B went into effect.

While DH was working on the racks, which took a LONG time because of hard-to-screw-in toggle bolts into paneling, I decided to organize the last 18 months or so of my Burda WOF magazines. I had stopped separating the parts right before our move and hadn't picked it back up because most of the mags were still in boxes.

Now I'm current with the pattern sheets being filed away in the pattern cabinet.

The newsprint line drawing/construction sheets are filed in the two big white binders on the left side of the 4th shelf down in the bookcase below. The magazines (or the remains thereof!) are stacked at the right side of that same shelf. And, of course, a football game is playing on the little TV.

Oh, and isn't that just a fabu light "fixture" atop the shelf?? Everyone needs a 500 watt shop light in their sewing room. I just hope it doesn't melt a hole in the ceiling before I buy a more suitable replacement.

The rest of the pics are the 50¢ tour of the sewing room still in progress. There's no permanent flooring at the moment, just some temporary throw rugs that mostly cover the floor. It's going to be a major PITA to move everything when I finally do put the final flooring in, but there are worse things to contemplate so I won't complain ... too much.

(I haven't mentioned it before but I hope that it goes without saying that you can click on all pics in my blog entries for bigger versions.)

No. I still haven't sewn the buttons on yet.

Can you spot Gumby and Pokey, and Melbourne, Australia?

The 3 stacking boxes are sewing themed and I've had them almost 2 years waiting for this moment. I've moved my button stash (most of it) into the biggest one for now. I really want something clear for the buttons at some point.

I made those little houses atop the closet back in my "crafty" days. I also made the redheaded wooden doll you can sort of see in the bookcase pic above.

I really need to paint the last coat of white on the closet doors so I can put the knobs back on them. I meant to do that today too but I forgot until it was too late to not be interfering with DH's thread rack installation. And then I didn't feel like it. I'm sort of fighting a slight cold. I don't feel miserable, but just enough different to know I'm not entirely 100%. What a drag ... literally.

This and the next pic are the areas of the set-up that still bug me and I'm going to keep thinking of a better solution. There is room to walk around the table and get to the bookshelf so it's not horrible. I just don't like the little shelf at the end and how cramped my ironing board feels. I need some storage up on the walls, which will come when I've had a chance to think about what I really want.


  1. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's sewing space...especially on the Sabbath!

    I was just surfing for sewing blogs and found this lovely entry. You are so blessed.

    Happy sewing!

  2. Debbie it looks great! I love the wall color too. Happy Sewing! :-)

  3. Wow! I love your new sewing room! It looks great and you have so much room. Lucky you to have such space.

    I have a sewing room but not much space. Glad I was catching up on my reading.

  4. Thanks for the 50¢ tour. I found Gumby, Melbourne (of course) but I haven't a clue who Pokey is. It's surprising I even know who Gumby is. :) I hope you get to sew tomorrow.

  5. Debbie ~ so glad to see that you are making progress on your sewing room. I know the progress is not going as fast as you want but think back to a few weeks ago when it was still waiting to be painted! It looks like a comfortable, soothing room that is ready for you to start creating! Enjoy it!

  6. I'm drooling..... I want a space just like yours. You have so much room! Thanks for the tour - I'm showing this to my husband.

  7. Wonderful space, Debbie. I am sure you will work out the kinks in time. Just enjoy the dedicated space now, can't wait to see all your creations.

  8. Pokey is Gumby's buddy...a little red (orange?) horse.

    And I *was* so happy to have my sewing gear in a corner of the laundry room rather than the garage... LOL

  9. wow, that looks great! Have you considered using those embroidery floss boxes for buttons? They work great- I sorted mine by color, size, shank and no shank, before I purged most of them. Now I'm down to 1 box.

  10. Debbie, I love this set up. I am curious about that little shelf unit under the cutting table. Where did you find that? Same with you file cabinet. It looks a lot like the cabinets that they store patterns in at the stores I right?

  11. Lorna,
    Hi! Yep, the cabinet is a real-deal pattern cabinet. The little shelf thingie is a refugee from the old laundry room. It's really a rolling shelf that is supposed to fit between a washer/dryer in a laundry room, which is what I used it for originally in the other house. Here, it became a catch-all as we were working in the rooms upstairs. Then I realized it fit under the cutting table perfectly, so I'm using it to hold my rotary cutters, rulers, weights, pens/pencils, and other misc pattern drawing/tracing stuff.

  12. I am so jealous. Thanks for the inspiration, I am finally tackling my sewing room. After taking everything and throwing it in their when I moved 4 1/2 years ago, it is about time!

  13. Debbie, I have been reading your fabulous sewing tips and techniques! Thank you so much for the tip on the elastic waistband and the serging around the front pants fly extentions! Never been able to perfect this before! You're a GEM! Greatly appreciate it!
    My name is Sophie Kats, I live in Sydney Austalia. I will keep your page as one of my favourites!


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