Saturday, September 16, 2006

Houston, We have a problem

So these are the jeans I'm working on for DS in bits and spurts around all the other drama going on in various parts of my life right now. I keep sewing though, because I need to unwind.

While it's not YAPOS, this is the third pair of pants (all for the same DS) I've made from Burda 2713 in the last month. This pattern rocks!

OK, back to the topic at hand (or at least in the subject line) ...

I goofed. It's a stupid mistake and I didn't notice it until this morning. Can you see it? Discuss among yourselves. Remember, you can click the pic for a bigger version.

I'm thinking I'll leave the mistake and call it a design feature. Mostly because I don't even want to contemplate the ripping and re-do, but also because it does actually look kind of cool in a teenager jeans sort of way.

And about that squirrel ... DH got it out of the house shortly after he got home that day. He blocked off the doorways, opened the french doors to the outside, cleared a path from the fireplace and opened its glass doors & screen. He then sat down to wait until the squirrel ventured out, which only took about 5 minutes. Although DH was armed with a broom, the squirrel seemed to have overheard the plan and went straight for the outside. Whew! No, DH has still not screened over the chimney. Sigh.


  1. I doubt very much that DS will notice unless you point it out to him! I think you are absolutely right: design element!

    And yay to DH for guiding the squirrel out the door. Hope the little critter isn't a smart one and remembers the way back in! :)

  2. I don't see anything wrong. Man, how do you get all the topstitching right?

  3. I can't see a thing wrong either.

    You have to post in a couple of days and let us know what the problem is.

    Where do you get the cool tags?

    My DS age 4 can no longer wear his size 4 pants. The legs are too short. All the size 5 pants are huge in the waist. I am in search of some 5 slims, but I have a feeling I need to get really good at making boy pants. You are my idol. You do such a great job.

  4. If it's the horizontal stitching lines on the pockets, I doubt if anyone other than another sew-er would see it. The shorts look great!

  5. I think that I found it. The back waistband seam does not line up with the topstitching.

  6. Are the pockets seamed? It looks like the seam in one pocket has been folded/topstitched up and the other has been folded/topstitched down...but it may be a trick of the light in the photograph.

    And if that's it, I design feature. If that's not it, don't worry about it, it's invisible to the naked eye. ;)

  7. You're right, Burda 2713 is a great pattern. I have made 7 pairs for my husband, and have 2 more cut out now. He now refuses to buy pants. And nobody but another sewer will notice the topstitching flaw (sorry, design element!). I've seen much worse on RTW.


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