Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Unexpected company

This is the bookcase in my still unfinished family room. For now, it sits right in front of the fireplace (which is semi-visible inside the red circle). It's Florida -- who needs a working fireplace anyway?

So this morning I'm mindlessly checking emails, reading blogs, message boards, etc. and in the background I hear the neighbor's lawnmower running over branches and chopping them up. Nothing out of the ordinary there. Except, wait. The neighbor has finished mowing and I'm still hearing that chopping. And ... it's coming from INSIDE the house. Like in the NEXT ROOM!

Of course, DH is gone for the day and I can't make ask him to initiate the hunt. Which means I have to start exploring ... and dreading what I might find. Remember, this is the house with owls, raccoons, wolf spiders, and heaven knows what else for property-mates.

I've got the sound narrowed down to coming from the fireplace but it's too dark behind the TV to see just what is making the noise. And do I really want to know? So I go upstairs figuring IT and I can wait for DH.

And then the phone rings. And I have to go downstairs to find the info the caller wants. And the noise is even louder.

Putting on my brave face (for who? it's just me and the dog, who by the way has shown absolutely NO interest in the The Noise), I peek behind the TV again ... and this is what I see.

Except before the flash illuminated the entire fireplace interior, all I could see was the little paw sticking out over the top of the door.

So that's where we are now. DH is on his way home, but we still have no idea how we're going to get the squirrel out of the fireplace without chasing him around the entire house. Oh, and did I mention that we found a dead squirrel in the fireplace the day that we closed on this place, over 3 years ago? I think this will serve as the reminder for DH that he was going to put a screen over the chimney.

In other miscellaneous "news" ...

This is what my old sewing set-up in the corner of my bedroom looked like shortly after we moved in. If you've been reading, you know that I finally have a real (nearly completed) dedicated sewing room now.

This is what I moved in to fill the space my sewing stuff used to occupy. And, I've ridden it for the past two days. I hope I can keep it up, and also use the other exercise crap equipment piled up next to the chair. (Yes, this room is also still unfinished. There's a reason we call this place The Money Pit.)

Wish me luck!


  1. So where is the little guy right now? Playing hide and seek?

    Yes, my dearie, you need a new chimney screen or something soon! We had visitors in our unused fireplace a couple of years ago and that scratching just creeped me out. Since our roof is a playground to the many squirrels around here, DH soon put on a new chimney vent. I love to watch squirrels, but not in the house!

    And that dern dog of yours....not much gets him excited, eh? :)

    Ya gotta keep us posted on this adventure....it's really rather amusing when you are not in the middle of it!

    Congrats on getting a lot of your bedroom space back!

  2. Poor squirrel. The Owls are so cute. Perhaps you could build them a house so they don't need to use yours.

  3. Oh! A Squirrel! We have so many of those little critters in the back yard. I can feel your pain all the way up here.
    You are a brave soul, I would have had a broom instead of a camera!

  4. OMG Debbie, that is so funny! I'd be wigging out if it was me. And the Wolf Spiders? I'm itching just thinking about it. Yikes! But your new sewing room is beautiful!

  5. Ick, wolf spiders - when we first moved in our house, we had some the size of tarantula. My skin is crawling now thinking about them.

  6. I HATE SQUIRRELS!!! we had them living in the attic -- i swear they had parties all night long and invited the whole neighborhood. my father never did anything about them. the neighbor has a huge black walnut tree, and after my dad died, we were cleaning out, and i must have filled 3 garbage bags with walnut shells from the attic alone!

    when they gutted the bathrooms, they said the walls were filled 3/4 full with walnut shells, and they found a dead squirrel too.

    then they came back. grrr.... i'm pretty handy with a trap now.

    cap that chimmney or you'll have lots of squirrel babies living there too.


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