Wednesday, October 18, 2006

3 Steps Forward, 2 Steps Back

Those are my muslins for Simplicity 3990. I had high hopes for this pattern, with its separate bust cup sizing, but those hopes are long since out the window.

My first try-on of my STP (Swedish tracing paper) tracing seemed to fit. But upon closer inspection, I realized I actually didn't have enough bust room, even using the D cup pattern piece. Not really surprising since I am a DD, not a D. So I made a FBA (full bust alteration) and cut a muslin. The bust fit was great ... if I yanked the bust area up about an inch and a half. In other words, there was too much length between shoulder and bust. So I pinned that out, transferred it to my pattern pieces and cut another muslin. That was better but still not the "great" I was after. Little things were off, like where the princess seams hit, the back neckline and how low the armholes were. I started watching the Top Chef marathon on Bravo and ignored the sewing room.

After watching the last half of Season 1 (I'm now hooked, thankyouverymuchBravo, and boy does this show make you hungry!), I decided to stop trying to reinvent the wheel. I copied the style lines using my pattern software (PMB) and printed out a pattern I knew would fit. I should've done this from the start as the style is really quite simple and very easy to copy ... and I would've had a finished blouse by now.

Apparently mom knows best because when she was here and watching me alter after the first tissue-fitting, she asked why I wasn't using a TNT pattern since surely I must have a similar pattern that already fits. Grrrr. I hate it when she's right.

So today I will try to decide which good fabric I'll use for my PMB version of this blouse and hopefully move along on this project. Tonight, I'll be watching the season finale of Project Runway and then I'll have to stay tuned for the premiere of the next season of Top Chef.

* * * * *
BTW, I do have a separate web host (a few actually) where I could put photos and link to them (but thank you anyway Amber), it's just that it ticks me off when Blogger doesn't work like it should. I like to keep things in their places and putting some Blog pics here and some in other places just feels messy to me. I do get over that when I give up on waiting for Blogger, but I still don't like it. ;-)

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  1. I did manage to tear myself away from Top Chef, but barely. You do so well with incorporating your patterns into PMB, I know you will manage to do this one as well. I have trained myself to look at multiple muslin wadders in a positive perspective: "gosh, look how much fabric I managed to use up in less than a week. It wound up the trash? What trash? When?"


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