Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Cleaning Mode: On

My mom is arriving tonight so today is cleaning day. Well, whatever can be done to a Money Pit to make it more presentable anyway. I don't think it will be exactly *clean* when I'm done, but the dog fuzz and dust will be gone ... for a day or two. After the cleaning, I'm going to see if I can squeeze in finishing the tracing of Simplicity 3990 (the new Khaliah Ali blouse).

In the meantime, I'll leave you to read my latest animated tutorial for a Full Bust Adjustment with princess seams. I'd been meaning to make this up for a while and then a question yesterday prompted me to Just Do It. I want to stress that this method is not my original concept and the tutorial is just my interpretation of methods detailed in Fit for Real People (Palmer/Pletsch).

Princess FBA


  1. Thanks for a great tutorial! Your descriptions are so much easier to understand the FFRP's. I've done this princess seam FBA many times but never knew about the pivot being on the sewing line, not the cutting line!

    Old dog still learning here....

  2. Debbie, what a neat tutorial. Yours is so easy to understand I didn't even recognize it as coming from the same book. I love princess seam and this will help me alot. Glad to have found your blog! Mary T

  3. (I already said thanks for the FBA tutorial, but I'll say it again.....Thanks! It's totally awesome!)

    I always used to do a big-time cleaning before my folks arrived, too. Wouldn't want our mothers to think we were sloppy or anything, eh? (Too many reminders of "Clean your room!" scoldings when we were teenagers? ) But, no matter how clean I thought my house was, my mother would always find something to clean ...and most always it was the silverware drawer. She really hated those crumbs, I guess! Funny. Enjoy your visit with your mom and hope you have a grand time together!

  4. I don't if it's just me, but I do not see any animation? But your tutorial is great.

  5. Send that man with the mop in the picture over here pleeaaassse!!
    Does he serve wine as well?

  6. Love it, Debbie! I can watch those pattern pieces shift all day. Hee! Darn, I couldn't see the man with the mop, but I could use one at my house.

  7. I had just sat down w/the PP book yesterday to figure out how to translate the adjustment I just made to a jacket muslin to the pattern. You just explained it perfectly. Wow.
    Thanks, Debbie!


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