Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Finally, some forward progress

Here's the first good fabric version, so far. Yes, first. After all that trial and error work, I'm not about to turn this pattern into a One Hit Wonder.

This fabric is a periwinkle silk noil (raw silk) from Nancy's Notions that I bought at the beginning of summer. I really like working with this fabric and I'm sure it's going to be very comfortable to wear. I bought another color too which is going to be moving to the top of the To Use list now.

Now that I've got the fitting issues resolved, I love this pattern again, though I'm not thrilled with the collar. This one turned out OK, but I really should've cut a separate undercollar piece since Simplicity didn't provide one. Why not? They printed 3 separate bust sizes for each view. What's another collar piece at that point?? But I made an Executive Decision to be lazy since I knew that the silk would be forgiving. Another fabric won't be. When I finish this, I'll make an undercollar pattern so I don't forget. Famous last words.

I'm hoping to work on this tonight around multiple loads of teenage boy laundry. There's really not a lot left to do so I might even finish it. Again, famous last words.

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  1. This is going to be a really nice blouse. I love the v neck and collar combo. I guess you embroidered the collar?


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