Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Here we go again

Yep, yet another of the same #&@%! top I've been working on for weeks now. I think this makes the 7th time I've cut it out, but who's counting. This one is already better because it's lost the Lunch Lady look. ;-)

I extended the neckline/shoulder area toward my neck and redrew the collar. In the pic below, the original collar pattern piece is shown to the left of the yellow line and the new extension is to the right. This piece is to be cut on the fold, so I added about 4 inches in total length. This new collar matches the line drawing much more closely and I like it so much better. I didn't actually cut these collar pieces on the fold (in case you're wondering) because I'm dealing with stripes and I wanted the collar points to be symmetrical. I added a seam allowance and center back seam so I could cut each half separately.

While I was making collar pieces I also made a separate pattern for the undercollar, trimming 1/8" from the front and outside edges, so the top collar would naturally roll to the underside, as shown.

I'm not going to topstitch the neckline edges until I baste the rest of the pieces together and try it on. Six times burned, seventh time shy ... or something like that. Maybe one day soon I'll actually have a new top I can wear out of the house.


  1. Your tenacity is amazing! This is going to be the one, I can tell. . .

  2. You're posting at 1 a.m.? Yes, tenacity! Good luck.

  3. wow! I can't believe you! this is the seventh one? It looks really good...

  4. Yep, this one looks really good so far! Love the striped fabric with that new collar and neckline.

    I think this one will be the winner. No defeatist attitude, you! :)

  5. Janet (MN_Swimmom)9:52 AM, October 31, 2006

    Looks like you've mastered it! I love the fabric and the way you changed the collar. Very nice!

  6. I have to commend you on your perseverance!

  7. This is definitely what sewing is about, if you don't have 'stickitiveness' as my sister would say, you won't stay long enough to enjoy the fruits. This looks good, very good and I like the collar so much better. An additional 4" added is a lot. I'd sell the new pattern back to the company, because it has been re-drafted...lol.
    Can't wait for the finished garment.

  8. Wow! What an improvement. I'm really impressed. And how frustrating to have that much difference between the line drawing and the actual drafting of the pattern. I'm really looking forward to seeing this finished on you.


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