Saturday, October 7, 2006

Next Up

This afternoon I traced the View B skirt from Kwik Sew 3287 above. I'm going to make it with the nice lightweight cross-hatched denim sent to me all the way from Australia by my good friend Belinda. The pattern is a regular (i.e., non-plus) sized KS pattern and since my ample posterior is just outside the sizing range, I had to add a little bit of width. It's a simple, pull-on skirt with only 3 pattern pieces so the alteration was quick and easy -- just slash through the middle of the panels and spread. I think the fabric is drapey enough to be complemented by the inset flounces on either side, without sticking out all stiff and ugly and the seaming will look good topstitched. I'd really like to wear a new casual skirt to a family gathering (my great aunt's birthday) coming up next weekend so I hope I'm not off-base with my assessments.

After that's done, a new top to wear with it and new PJs for the overnight portion of the trip are on the short-list. My mom arrives Wednesday night so we may be doing much of our visiting in my sewing room -- which should be OK with mom, since she's a sewer too. It's either that or getting handed a paintbrush!

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  1. rosephreak (aka Claire)11:45 PM, October 07, 2006

    Hi Debbie - what a cute skirt. Can't wait to see how you sew it up. I might pick up that pattern too. Are vests back in fashion? I seem to see a lot of them in the newer patterns. Happy sewing.


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