Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Another Busy (and non-sewing) Day

Continuing on from yesterday, Home Depot refunded my money for the bad red paint. At first, the manager on duty was only going to refund for the full can. But I politely let him know that DH and I spend thousands in that store every year and he really should reconsider unless he wanted us to take that money across the street to the brand new Lowe's. He was very nice and reasonable and didn't have to think twice on that. ;-)

We got our money and then went back to the lumber department to look for some trim to add under the crown and over the chair rail so I don't have to paint perfectly straight lines in that high contrast between red and white. Ironically, Home Depot didn't have what I wanted and we found it at that Lowe's across the street. Oh well. We'll be back to Home Depot before the weekend is over, I'm sure.

So the red painting is done and looks great. The white below is also done. Today, after I run DS to/from a doctor's appointment, we'll start in on putting the wainscot trim back on. I'm hoping that will go quickly (hah!) and that I'll be starting in on the floor by late-afternoon. Our guests will be here in SIX DAYS so the clock is definitely running and we're trying to catch up.

Meanwhile, more of my non-sewing time shopping arrived yesterday. I finally broke down and ordered some of the knits on the Fabric Mart site.

The first 3 are poly ITY jerseys. I have no idea what ITY means (anyone??). They're very nice, even if they're polyester. Drapey and thin, but not too thin. The last is a rayon/spandex knit and it's wonderful. The pattern looks bold in the photo swatch but in real life, it's much more understated. It's available in 4 colorways and if you've been contemplating buying some, I say go for it! Seeing the fabric made up in this review on PR is what put me over the edge for finally ordering it. I'm even contemplating making the graduation outfit from it instead of what I'd originally picked. Except I can't prewash right now as my washer is flashing a repair code. ARgh. But the repairman will be here tomorrow morning so hopefully the laundry room will be up and running again soon. Love those extended warranties on major appliances!


  1. Oh Debbie, I've been trying to not find a reason to order some of those knits from Fabric Mart and then you go and post photos and links. You enabler you. I suspect I'll give in soon. In the meantime I can enjoy viewing what you decide to make with them.

  2. ITY is the manufacturer, as far as i know. i drooled over these at fabric mart...that's when i tried to find out who or what ITY is.

  3. ITY stands for Italian knit yarns. I found it on Ebay used to describe the knit on a pair of capris.

  4. Smart HD manager there. :) I really like those fabrics. We have very similar taste.

  5. Debbie - not the place to post this, but can you send me an email? I have a huge question/favor to ask you and don't want to post it here? Thank you - or (work) g

  6. Thank you for buying those knits from FM. I, seriously, had been eyeballing the same ones and don't need more fabric delivered to my house - I have some coming already. LOL


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