Monday, May 28, 2007

Ho Hum

The jury is still out. There are some fit issues at the shoulders and back neckline, and the armhole is a little too low for my preference, which are contributing to my indifference about this top. But I'm also thinking the gathered sleeve is maybe not such a good look for my arms. I don't know. I still like the sleeves, in theory. Maybe when the shoulders are narrowed so the sleeve head hangs where it's supposed to and a little more width is added to the bicep/band, I'll like it more.

I'm also indifferent about the scoop neckline, which you can't see on me very well in the pics below since I'm wrestling a camera with one arm (the gathers really do hang symmetrically when my arms aren't up in the air). I wonder how much trouble it would be to draft a vee neckline instead of this one. I think it would be easy enough to do in my Pattern Editor software, so maybe what I need to do is start with my TNT tee and copy the sleeves since otherwise there's nothing extraordinary about this top compared to my TNT tee.

One thing I know for sure, don't use a knit with poor recovery for a final version. It's really a bugger to keep the gathers from stretching out flat. With "real" fabric, I would stabilize the gathered areas with some Design Plus fusible tape.


  1. Debbie, I like the sleeves, but I think the sleeve cap should also have some gathers to balance the cuff gathers. The neckline is also too wide for you. The scoop would be OK if the entire neckline wasn't so wide. Your are right about the shoulders not fitting well too. I think a V-neckline would be great for this top. I've been looking at Ottobre 2/07 Top #5. I'd have to do a FBA and then rotate the dart into the neckline, but I think it would give you the effect you're looking for.


  2. I have really narrow shoulders and on the muslin for the HP weekend top, which has a similar, though lower scoop. I took little, 1/8" slices that I overlapped to take our the gap so that the neckline layed flat. I think that I will take your idea for keeping the gathers in place.

  3. I most definitely like the sleeve cuff and that color of blue!

    Even if you think it is rather blah, it still looks like a very wearable top.

    Would you mind explaining just where/how you would put that fusible tape to keep the gathers in place? Tx.

  4. I agree with what Sherril says. The neck is too wide for you, but I think a scoop neck is attractive on our shape. But V neck works nicely too. Depends on your preference. I also like the idea of gathering at the top of the sleeve as well as along the cuff of the sleeve. I think your alteration thoughts are spot on - they always are. Love to see the next version. I'm sewing vicariously through you. :)

  5. I think it's pretty cute! The sleeve cuff is an interesting detail. I agree that a V neckline might be better - but it is a pretty top nonetheless!

  6. The front on view of the shoulders and sleeves is not the most flattering But the side view of the sleeve Is very flattering on you. You should keep adjusting the fit till you are happy with it.

  7. Debbie, I would actually scoop both the front and back neckline a bit more, not much, maybe 1/2 in the front and 1/4 in the back. IMHO, and from where I am sitting it seems a bit too high. I also noticed a small fold of fabric at the front armscyce. Maybe folding that out and letting it out into the neckline would give you the higher armscye that you feel you need as well as smoothing that area. I like the overall shape on your body very much. Did you add to the hip area?

  8. Debbie, I am nowhere close to a fit expert. I sew clothing for my kids who are basically tube-shape. But I think you look fantastic in this top - far better than the pattern example photos!

    I see you are drafting a v-neck and I look forward to seeing what you come up with.


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