Saturday, May 5, 2007

Easily Distracted

So many projects, so little time in one day and me with a mind that easily jumps all around. While I did finish the mudding & sanding in the dining room, I did not do one lick on my dress. It's still not cut out, although the pattern pieces are now in place on the fabric so that will be first on the agenda tomorrow morning.

Instead of working on my dress (needed 2 weeks from today!), I was distracted by the bulletin board that had been staring at me from its place at the top of the stairs. I had set it there on the floor on purpose as a visual annoyance reminder to make a "French Memo Board" sooner rather than later. The problem was that while I remembered about the board on a daily basis, I always seemed to forget to pick up ribbon and upholstery tacks on my errands around town. Finally while I was in Joann's last week picking up sale patterns and a bolt of muslin, I actually remembered. So then the bulletin board called out even louder and today I just couldn't ignore it.

I started with an ordinary unfinished pine & cork bulletin board purchased at Target, and painted the frame white. Because the cork would be covered, neatness didn't count (obviously!).

Next, two layers of poly batting cut to fit inside the frame.

The fabric was cut with a 1/2" seam allowance (not really a seam, but I think you'll know what I mean!).

Most memo boards are made with the fabric wrapped to the backside of the base and stapled in place. But because I wanted the frame to show, I used my putty knife (quite handy from the dining room project) to force the "seam allowances" under the frame.

And because I also wouldn't be wrapping the ribbons to the back, I had to be creative. I tucked them under with the putty knife too and then pinned them into place, slipping the head of the pin under the frame. A few sewing pins sacrificed for the cause. ;-)

The last step was to push small upholstery nails into each ribbon intersection.

With this method, it's not the strongest memo board ever, but it will be fine for the few postcards & other small paper items I want to tuck into the ribbon. Its main purpose is to add a bit of color and texture to the room and that job it will accomplish rather well. I'll hang it tomorrow, when I can hammer loudly and not wake DS#2, sound asleep in the next room after his first week of spring football workouts.


  1. very pretty fabric and ribbons. definitely like the exposed frame, instead of having the fabric wrap over the edges. was it not possible to remove the cork board from the frame, wrap it, then replace the cork? your method seemed to work fine, just offering another option. :)


  2. Do you realize how many memo boards are going to be springing up across the country? I know there'll be at least one in Texas!


  3. that is some pretty fabric, it turned out great

  4. How nice! I especially like the ribbons tacked in place which creates texture. I think the bb above my sewing machine (poor plain ole thing) is going to get a make-over!

  5. Teri,

    Removing the frame would've been my first choice, but it wasn't going to be easy and had a high likelihood of ruining the (cheap) frame, so Plan B went into effect. ;)

  6. That's so pretty, Debbie. Love the colors - they are so you!

  7. Really pretty! I have this project on my to do list.

  8. I really like the bulletin board! Will you post a picture of it hanging in its place of honor in your sewing room?!

  9. Gorgeous! Very pretty fabric. And I second BJ - I think a few of these are going to be popping up all over the world (not just the countryside) lol.


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