Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Hopefully Soon To Be Sewing

Things are starting to calm down around here and I can start to think about what's next on the sewing horizon.

Our guests left Monday evening, new pooch Dani is settling in quite nicely, and DS#2's last day of school is tomorrow. I just finished putting the final touches on our real world job stuff and now there's only a couple of things I need to finish up before I can lose myself for a few days in the sewing room.

Tonight, I'll curl up on the bed with patterns and magazines and try to whittle the want-to-make list into 2 or 3 priorities. However, I really need some simple tees since mine get worn a lot here in Florida and last year's makes are starting to look like last year's makes. ;-) I'll probably pull out a TNT pattern or two for those. I also need new underwear, but the thought of that project isn't thrilling me this week so I'll put that off for a little while longer. And finally, there's a pair of DH's pants to be hemmed and also finishing the armholes and rehemming my graduation dress. I don't like things hanging over my head, so to speak, so I'll probably start with those just to have a clean slate.

Thank you everyone for the supportive comments about our new family member. I'm a sucker for furry beasts and I'd probably have 10 times as many if it were financially and otherwise feasible. But it's still rewarding to be able to save one at a time when we can. It's amazing how quickly a pet becomes a family member and you can't imagine a day without them. It's also amazing how LOUD two dogs running around the house for a game of canine tag can be. Pepper is doing her best to stay off the racetrack. ;-) But she obviously isn't minding too much.


  1. Oh, so great to see you adopted her! She looks a lot like our Jake. Congrats! :)


  2. I can imagine the loudness. Your puppies are ten times the size of ours and I think ours are loud when they run around upstairs.

  3. Aw, I'm so glad Pepper is handling it all with such grace. She's a real trooper, getting 2 new pack members so quickly.


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