Monday, May 7, 2007

An Hour in the Sewing Room

Isn't that tire around Zillie attractive?? I really should pad her further down her "body" to avoid that horrible silhouette. Maybe in my spare time. ;-)

Anyway … she's sporting the muslin for the graduation dress. And below, I'm wearing it too. With my painting pants and shoes. Such a fashion plate I am, no? DH had an early morning appointment so I snuck into the sewing room before bringing out the paint roller again. I cut the pattern (finally!) and quickly serged it all together.

Overall impression? Pretty good, but I'll try it on with the good bra later to be sure because I think I may need to pinch out about 3/8" in shoulder to bust length. The icky painting bra isn't as uplifting as my better ones. ;-)

The front shoulder-to-shoulder width is also a smidge too wide. That section is cut on the fold so I'll just lay the pattern with a deeper fold line for the final and that will take care of that. The shoulder length is too long, which is always the case. No big deal to just lop 'em off later. And finally, I think I'll raise the armholes. Right now they're fine, but the seam allowance is still in place so I'll raise them to equal that 1/2" allowance.

The neckline depth is good, though (again, seam allowances are still in place so imagine it 1/2" lower). The way the different sizes were nested on the pattern sheet made it easy to drop the as-designed neckline about an inch as I traced. And the fit through the torso seems to be good too. The seams are staying vertical through the booty region, so I won't add any extra width.

Since I showed some new pattern acquisitions yesterday, I'll fess up and show what I bought during Joann's last Simplicity sale. I had originally thought I'd buy the new 3768 direct from Simplicity, but then I decided I wanted two copies of it so I went for the el cheapo route. Yeah, right. I ended up with all these other patterns too, so what did I really save? ;-)

There's 3 other Khaliah Ali patterns in the mix, one of which is a wrap dress, for a total of three that I've bought in the last couple of weeks. Why am I buying wrap dress patterns anyway?? I don't really even like them on me. Hmmm. I should probably just purge those before I even put them away, although the KA version is also a top which is actually why I bought that one. The others (including the Vogue version shown yesterday) — I plead pattern insanity, Your Honor.


  1. Yes, pattern insanity that is sure! If you are going to purge and sell the ones you don't want, I have a list here for KA patterns which I would like to buy because I have fallen totally in love with her patterns.
    If you are looking for a new home for those, give a holler and I will come forward...LOL..
    Can't wait to see your red wall.

  2. bottom row middle pattern. Very cute. Is it a dress or shirt & skirt? Can't tell. But, I love it!

    Love your blog by the way. You are so talented. I have been wanting to make clothes for myself since I bought my first thrift store sewing machine back in high school. I have a new one now...thank goodness. I'll try to learn from you ;)

  3. I was looking at the Threads dress my self. Just don't know how I would look in it.

    PS I love your blog!

  4. Debbie - you've redone your whole house and made 3 or 4 wardrobes in the time that I've imperfectly perfected a pants pattern! Unbelievable! Inspirational! I love the memo board.

  5. I have the pattern on the bottom left. I also love the pattern on the top right. Can't wait to see your creations from these new pattern acquisitions, insanity or not!!


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