Saturday, May 12, 2007

I think I can, I think I can

I'm beginning to think we might just make the self-imposed deadline of having the work in the dining room done by tomorrow (Sunday) night, especially since we're ignoring Mother's Day until next weekend when my mom is here.

Here's the progress from a couple of hours ago. The last sheet of the underlayment (is that a word?) is down and I've now got about 1/4 of the floor left to go.

DH has been putting the finishing paint touches on the trim while I do the floor and I think we'll be able to start on it after dinner (take-out again). We took the trim around the window back down because we decided it made more sense to put it up *after* the floor was in place instead of trying to guess dimensions. After the window trim is up, we'll do the chair rail, then the crown, and then the little extra trim we bought. Everything is cut and ready to go except for a couple of pieces of chair rail that had to be replaced so it should go a bit quicker than the family room. Oh, and the baseboards have to go up too. Lots of trim work, but I really do think we can get it done. I hope so, because my sewing room is gathering dust.

And in completely unrelated news, last night DS#1 won the Best Supporting Actor award at his school Drama Troupe's version of the Tony's. That's two acting awards he's won in the last few weeks. I hope he continues with community theater after graduation since he seems to love it so much. Me? You couldn't pay me enough to get on a stage. The performance gene comes from DH, who is an accomplished singer and has done his share of amateur acting.

Back to work!


  1. Congrats to DS#1! I, too, hope he doesn't put this aside. Sounds like these past few weeks have been quite the whirlwind of activities. That Senior Year is all so bittersweet, eh?

    You've made amazing progress on your rooms. You're gonna be so tickled to have it all done and looking so great! Just stand back and admire deserve to!

  2. Congrats to your ds, that is a wonderful award.

    Great job on the remodeling, you have been getting so many projects accomplished. Good luck finishing them for graduation

  3. Looking good, Debbie. Even though you are ignoring Mother's Day until next weekend, I'm wishing you happy Mother's Day anyway.

  4. A few years late, but I just read this and want to say--Congratulations to your DS--what a GREAT award!!!



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