Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Inch by Inch

So, if Belinda is McSewing over on her new blog, then that's me in the photo above. ;-)

But I did get the dress pattern traced and hopefully I'll be cutting the muslin tomorrow. Before I could start tracing, however, I had to reassemble the pattern sheet. It seems the folding machine at the printhouse was a little hungry the day they were getting my magazine ready.

Do you see that vertical black "line" down the pattern sheet in the pic below? That's a slice taken out. Not an even slice where the edges would easily abut, mind you, but a more radical slice which required getting the sheet as flat as possible and taping together the "air" in between the pieces. I couldn't press the sheets flat because that would rip them even further.

I remember someone talking on one of the message boards about a similar problem, but I don't remember if they were talking about this WOF Plus issue or another one. It wasn't a big deal really, but still an annoyance when you're already pressed for time. Oh well. It's over and done with now.

Also on the list for tomorrow? Taping and mudding the dining room drywall repairs from last year. Yeeee hah!


  1. Debbie, now you are all set for precision taping! LOL!

  2. WOW...I had never seen the Burda pattern before. How in the world do you make anything from that mess of lines! YIKES! I have a long way to go before I can accomplish a feat like that! BTW LOVE your blog!

  3. Taping and mudding - now that would be scrimming and plastering? (if I ever see another bag of plaster it will be too soon!) (hopefully the last ones this weekend, yippee)
    I like the dress, looking forward to seeing the end result.

  4. OMG, that pattern looks like my niece's latest coloring efforts! HeeHee. I also have never seen a Burda pattern layout before, so that was enlightening. I'm not sure I could stay focused long enough to trace it, so I hand it to you for using them and getting such nice results.

  5. You certainly have earned some sewing time! Enjoy!

  6. Gotta show Patricia this pic, she loves turtles!:)))

    What do you have done to your Burda sheets at the printers? Inquiring minds want to know!:))

    Debbie when will you be applying for your contractor's license?!?LOL


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