Saturday, May 5, 2007

One More for the Memo Board

Carolyn asked for a pic of the final placement and here it is. I also took a close-up with some of the stuff in/on it (which can be clicked for a bigger version). The only thing I'm going to add to it at this point is a pic of DS#2 since we can't leave out those second children. ;-) I just have to find one of his Homecoming pics or print out one that I took. The other things on it are a variety of pins with a sewing or crafty theme that my sons have given me over the years, a card from DH, and postcards from Melbourne, Australia (Hi Belinda!).

Now I'm going to go crash. I'm tired from texturing and painting. And, oh boy!, more painting tomorrow.


  1. As a second child, I'm delighted your DS2 will get equal face time :) Deb, this is such a pretty project. No fitting fiddlies either--phew, aren't you relieved?

  2. I hear ya on being tired and the sewing room taking a backseat. In the next 5 weeks - we are going to Arizona for 6 days of R&R (no kids, no dogs) painting the exterior of our house (haven't decided on the color yet) and putting on a new roof! When really all I want to do is sew.

  3. Thanks for the shot of the board hanging up. I recognized quite a few of those sewing pins, since I seem to own them too! It is a wonderful asset to your sewing room.


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