Friday, May 25, 2007

Surf's Up

This is what a pudgy pooch who is not entirely thrilled with the new puppy pool looks like after forced entry. ;-) She really does like being wet, just not what it takes to get that way.

And these are two pups who are estactic about their new heat relief option.

Especially since most of the day consists of activities like this (eat my dust!):

Or this (hunting lizards in the ferns):

Or this (so fast, they're almost invisible on digital "film"):

Same pups after a dip in the pool. Sheer bliss.

Today is officially the first day of (school) summer vacation. Woo hoo!! I'll be taking the dogs for their daily walk in just a bit to burn off some of that energy and then I'll be spending the rest of the day up in the sewing room. Yay! But you didn't really think I'd not have some gratuitous pup pics to share first, did you? ;-)


  1. Those are happy dogs for sure! :)

  2. Boy, your pups sure live the life!!

  3. And I thought my daughter was unique by buying a $10 plastic pool for the Chihuahuas. How fun. Glad to know puppy pools are everywhere. Happy summer vacation, Debbie.

  4. You are having waaayyy too much fun with your puppies.

    Don't you just love school vacations when you can get your 'own' life back!?!

  5. Debbie,
    Your dogs so cute! How lucky Chili and Dani are to find such a good home. Dani seems really at home with the other dogs. Love and kindness goes a long way in making a new pup feel welcome. Chili and Dani have almost the same markings, just different colors.
    All three are beautiful animals.
    Donna Wicks
    Edmonton, Alberta

  6. Debbie - Dudley & Abby has the same face as Pepper when they get in the pool. Beau & Lucy run and play through it just like Chili & Dani. Doesn't it just bring a smile to your face to watch them? Good for you for adopting Dani - I promise it will be okay (don't add another though - that's truly too many!). g


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