Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Uno, Dos … Tres???

The excitement just never stops around here. ;-)

Yesterday, DH drove DS#2 to school — since his usual driver has now graduated and, well, we've never figured out the correct bus or times since we moved to this house. On the way back, DH was supposed to stop for milk.

On the way to school, DH saw a small black and white dog weaving in and out of the traffic on the small country roads. He felt really bad for the dog but continued on to drop DS at school. On the return trip, he saw her again as he was pulling into the corner store for the milk. When he went to push open the door on his way out of the store, the dog was staring back at him with sad eyes.

He scooped up the dog and then asked the group of older men sitting outside at their usual morning coffee drinking table if they knew anything about her. The men told him that a short while earlier they had seen a truck stop and push the dog out of the truck in front of a nearby trailer park. DH decided to bring her home to keep her safe. (I have a personal rant about people who dump animals, but I'll save that for now.)

So there we were — me, my mom, and Bob (her "companion"), sitting at the table with our own morning beverages and in walks DH. I was expecting him to be carrying a gallon of milk, not a dog!

She came with a small collar, but no tags. She was horribly infested with fleas (we bathed and treated her immediately), and she's very sweet. Pepper isn't 100% sure of her yet, but Chili has been enjoying a new, young playmate and they've been racing around the house non-stop. Only on the first floor though, as she is afraid of the stairs and will not go up or down them.

I don't know if we'll keep her. I didn't have time yesterday to deal with Animal Services and I don't want to turn her in only to be euthanized if she's not claimed or adopted. Before we go that route, I need to find out if they'll let us take her back if she goes unclaimed.

But THREE dogs? (Gaylen, tell me it will be OK!) And this one who will certainly need a couple hundred dollars' worth of vet services, if only to be spayed, probably dewormed, and her belly button hernia taken care of. (Yes, she's got a chick-pea sized protrusion at her navel spot which will need to be fixed.) Who knows what other health issues may be lurking. We don't even know how old she is, although she seems to be young. Will she get bigger? Is her round belly a sign of worms or of an impending litter of more pups?

So, does anyone have any suggestions for a name that goes with Chili and Pepper? We can't keep calling her "new pup" if we keep her. If. Yeah, right. ;-)


  1. okay gotta respond..how about Caye for Cayenne...we have 3 dogs, the last one came sorta like Caye and he is the sweetest dog...its like he had been so scared of his situation that when we got him...well everyday is Christmas for that sweet dog, just to have a family, been seven years and the three are great friends. Love your blog!

  2. Why does Jalapeno come to mind? She really does fit in with the family! It is unacceptable for me to write any of the words that came to mind when I heard she was released from a truck... Feel free to rant! Enjoy the new addition.

  3. How about 'Carnie?' As in Chili con Carne?

    And I'd be willing to bet that the belly is puppies...that tends to be the reason female dogs get dumped (having grown up on a farm, we saw more than our share of dumped animals...). Too bad the guys who saw her dumped didn't get the license plate number of the truck...

  4. My husband suggested Tobasco, and I like Capsi derived from capisicum.

  5. All good name suggestions so far, but here's another couple.

    Queso? (as in chili con queso)

    Sochi? and pronounce it so-chee(combo of words for salt: sodium chloride) One of salt's definitions : an element that gives liveliness, piquancy, or pungency

    If you keep her, I'd say she'd add to the liveliness!

    (Can you tell I'm at work and bored? heheh)

    Anyway, we have 3 cats and at one time at 4, so I'd say anything is possible. She looks so cute with your other two - how can you NOT keep her! Yay to DH for rescuing her!

  6. Hmmmm....looking for a name sounds like bonding to me! lol She's really cute! How about Tamale, Fajita, Tequila, Margarita, or Cori -- short for coriander.

    Bless DH for bringing her home! We have a rescue dog and she's the best dog we've ever had in terms of health, temperament and affection. They seem to know when they've been given a good deal.

  7. Keep her! She looks like she belongs (and I can't tell which black and white one she is). Our 4th cat was found (found us!) in the Costco parking lot - we suspect he was dumped. We can't imagine life without him now.

    All the names suggested are great. I vote for Cayenne or Margarita - because they sound like a girl's name.

  8. Wow, I love all the suggested names...do you people have names bagged up ready to 'dish' out. All the names are just too cute.

    Oh Debbie, 3 dogs will be fine...it's like having kids, another one doesn't really make a big difference...LOL...NOT.

    That little dog knew your DH had 2 more like her at home, she just knew it. She probably thought your DH was out looking for another...lol.

    I am really surprised that none of those men thought of calling the Animal Protection people. That dog running in traffic was endangering herself and traffic.

    The worst types are those who tie the dogs onto trees in the woods or near the highway.

    My girlfriend's quote: "the more I come to know people, the more I love the animals."

  9. "Red Hot" :)

    They do all look like they belong together.

    And loud, rude, ugly noises to people who dump animals.

    Isn't it funny how they just seem to find us?

  10. What about Belle or Bella (I was thinking along the lines of Bell pepper)

  11. Don't have a name for you Deb but keep the doggie! :lol: My dh has now resuced 4 - and they are all big doggies! Then there are the cats-we've been bottle feeding 5 kittens we found in our barn. Rant all you want about people who dump. We live in the country, 12 acres, and people dump all the time around here - and my dh can't turn a single animal away :lol: He's a big guy with a big heart! So keep it - it will add to your fun - help with your sewing too! :bgrin: And lets not talk about vet bills :lol:

  12. I like RedHot, which can be shortened to Red, and I also like Queso.
    They look like they just belong together - you gotta keep her! If she has puppies I'll come to Florida and get one.

  13. Go ahead and have her spayed. If she is pregnant but the pups are still very young, they can take the pups when they spay her. I've had this done a couple of times with rescued dogs. It won't hurt her. If she does have pups that are too far along, the vet will tell you. She has such a sweet face and Chili has already put in his vote.

  14. I vote for RedHot, too, keeping with the band theme...cute face, and those paws aren't too big so I bet she's not gonna get much larger. and what's a couple of vet bills anyway? Star

  15. Debbie - three dogs will be fine. They will figure out how to get along and keep each other company. I should have stopped at 3, don't know what I was thinking!!!! I say, take her to the vet, ask if they will do a complimentary checkup since she is an abandoned stray and you are trying to determine if you should keep her. If she's with pups, it would be good to know now. Just do it! You have that great park nearby and a loving family will make all the difference to her. g

  16. Debbie I too vote to keep her if you can. It sounds like she found what she needed in your DH. I found my Toffey on petfinder but he is so much like my last poodle I think it was meant to be sort of thing. He is the bomb and I wouldn't take a million dollars for him. Good luck to y'all and Toffey says to tell you rule and the guy in the truck stinks! Well what he said wasn't printable so I had to clean up.

  17. Oh my, three dogs!! She is rather cute though and looks very much like she belongs. :-) I wish I was a fly on the wall to see your face when DH brought home milk and a dog. LOL!

    I put a vote in for "Red".

  18. I love your dog stories
    I have two entertaining pups my self life would not be life without them. I started a blog last year inspired by so many but yours got me thinking about getting it up again. I think you are a wonderful seamstress and have lurked your stuff for about three years I decided to pop out of the shadows and say hi so Hi Debbie my name is Betty Jo and I am a fabric stasher hhahaha

  19. OMG! Sooooo cute. I love Lisa's suggestion of Carnie!

    She looks like a Jack Russell. We have two Jacks (Jake & Doc) and a Husky mix (Blue). I sooo hope you can keep her!!



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