Saturday, July 21, 2007

Little Projects

Chili has a new shirt. (Claire, it's all your fault!)

I've had DS#1's thermal knit shirt sitting on top of the washer for months. He didn't want it anymore but I thought he might change his mind when it got colder so I hung onto it. For whatever reason today I unfolded it and noticed it had a couple of small holes on the front near the bottom. I was just about to finally toss it when Chili wandered in, and the brain began clicking. Chili—No Fear, No Fear—Chili. Perfect!

This pattern (KS 3076) is ridiculously easy and fast. The hardest part was unstitching the neckband from the original shirt so I could re-use the ribbing for the mini version. I also re-used the ribbing at the sleeve cuffs but all I had to do for those was to cut them off without any unstitching and then join them together to make a strip.

I did change up the construction order so I could attach all the ribbing in the flat. It's a LOT easier for those very small neck and "arm" holes. I think I'll update my review with that information and the new pics.

Here's another shot of the dogs new shirt (and DS' feet).

The other little project of the day was a quilt block to send in to be part of the "commemorative" quilt for Pattern Review. It's been a long time since I've done any quilt piecing, but it came back fairly quickly and this project, from design to done, only took a couple of hours.

I haven't done much more than that in the sewing room (unless cleaning up and prewashing a couple of fabrics counts), but I feel it was a productive day.


  1. Oh, Debbie, that doggie shirt totally rocks. How perfect for Chili! Awesome.

  2. Debbie,
    Love that doggie shirt! Also the doggie(s)
    Donna W
    Edmonton, Alberta

  3. That is just too cute for words - I love it!


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