Friday, July 20, 2007

Not Quite

This is going to end up being my muslin for this pattern. It pretty much fits, but I don't like the way it fits. It's too long overall and the waist is hitting me in the wrong place. I would show you on me but I'm not camera ready today. It was raining all afternoon and I took the dogs for a walk anyway and never did fix myself up after that. But the temperature drop with the rain was a nice change from the usual 6 billion degrees and 400% humidity.

Back to the skirt — I could take some length off at the top, but that will mess with the darts and zipper and, really, I'm not up for reworking this one. The length needs to come out the right way, by removing it from the middle of the pattern, so I can preserve the darting and the slight pegged shape. What bugs me is that I knew this. I had made some initial alterations (adding booty width) but then I set the pattern aside for a couple of days and forgot I still wanted to check the overall length so I just went ahead and cut. Oops.

I like the overall shape a lot, though. I'm obviously into gored skirts with flounces for the summer, which is good because I think it's a flattering silhouette for my curvy shape.

The front of the flounce is interesting. It's more of a handkerchief shape when laid flat than it looks while on.

Even the sides of the flounce have an angle.

The only thing left on this skirt is the bottom hem (which is going to be interesting with those points). I think I'll hem it, use it for judging my adjustments, and then put it in the donate pile.


  1. It looks nice - I'm sorry the length ruined this version for you.

  2. Debbie,
    I think this skirt has great possibilities! The elastic waist done that way looks good. Looking forward to seeing your 'wearable" version.
    Donna W
    Edmonton, Alberta

  3. Did you like the waistband treatment? Is it bettern than an elastic band without darts and zipper? Is there an advantage of one over the other? I'm so glad you try patters out before me so I know what to do when I get to them. :D


  4. Sorry about all my typos. I just got up and am still sleepy.


  5. Debbie, I'm sure you'll find a way to incorporate that cool flounce treatment with a skirt shape you like.


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