Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Practical Yet Cute

Dani has sharp puppy needle teeth and claws so when she and Chili wrestle (which is at least 378 times a day), she's scratching him unintentionally. One of his "armpits" is starting to look bad so it was time for some sewing intervention. Kwik Sew 3076 to the rescue as a cover up and protection. I made this little shirt in less than an hour tonight, including tracing the pattern. It fits him great (size small) so I can make him a few more to wear while his battle scars heal.

Try as we could, we couldn't get Chili to pose very well …

… until we bribed him with some peanuts. Then he went immediately into "begging cuteness position." It's funny to have 3 black and white dogs tonight.

The last time I made this shirt was for Pepper (in a bigger size) as my first project after I bought my coverstitch machine, over 3 years ago. Whew — time sure flies! And she doesn't have even one gray hair in this photo.

Speaking of cuteness … here's the three pooches during a group nap on the sofa the other day. A Kodak Moment if ever there was one. ;-)

Oh, and the undies? Yes, I FINALLY finished them! Eight new pairs, neatly put away in the dresser. Well, 7, since I'm wearing one pair now. ;-) My favorites are the orange-ish pair in front and the 3 pink florals because I haven't used these fabrics for panties before.

I think I'm going to pull out one of those Ottobre 02/2007 tee patterns for some instant gratification tomorrow.


  1. Just gotta say 'ahhhhh, aren't they cute' the doggers that is. Although your panties are cute too. *G* NEXT

  2. OMGosh, has the sewing-for-the-cute-doggies bug bitten you? I love it!! Your puppies are so sweet. I wish I lived closer they could have a play date with my puppies! One of these days too, I'm going to venture into making panties. They are so easy and I'm tired of paying an exorbitant amount just to have them all fall apart in no time.

  3. Awwww. Cutest dogs ever. Congrats on the completed pantie project.

  4. Too Cute!! the doggies. Congrats on finishing the panties.

  5. Debbie, would you mind giving a bit of instruction for the panties, especially applying the elastic? I need to make a few maternity panties and found instructions in the pattern I have confusing. Thank you. (pictures would be great =)


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