Monday, July 2, 2007

This Is So Silly

I don't know whether to laugh at or slap myself. I am just dragging my heels getting these panties finished. That's them, in a heap, on my cutting table. All sewn, awaiting the elastic in the other two heaps. Panties aren't hard to sew. At all. They don't take a lot of time. Even when making multiple pairs at a time. And I love having them when I'm done. But I just don't like doing the same thing again and again and again, and so I'm avoiding them and what should've taken a day or two has now stretched into many, many days. Sigh. I know all this yet, I can't stop my mind from wandering to the next project. And I won't let myself move on until these are done. Maybe it's 2 mostly rainy days in a row, but all I want to do is take naps and read. But I will finish these tonight and tomorrow they'll be behind me. Literally. ;-)

Earlier today, I was sewing the elastic into rounds and took a pic of one of my favorite sewing "notions," given to me personally by Martha Pullen about 5 years ago. OK, she gave everyone in the class one too. ;-) It's a simple little bamboo stick with a pointy tip, not even made for sewing. I'm not sure exactly what is is made for, though. It's not a shish kebab skewer, it's shorter and fatter than those. Anyway … I use it to hold things in place really close to the needle, where I'd rather not be sticking my finger. Since it's bamboo, the worst that will happen is the needle will hit it, stab it, and maybe break. Better a needle than my finger. I will be sad if I ever lose this.

Since I'm still obviously avoiding the sewing room, I'll answer a few comments.

"Relating to the crotch lining, would power dry also be suitable to use in this area?"

I don't really know for sure as I've never used it. My first inclination, though, is to say no since powerdry is polyester and doesn't breathe. Yes, it wicks moisture away, but in that area of a panty, where exactly would it wick TO? Know what I mean? ;-) If anyone has more … uh … experience with this, let me know.

"I'm like a dog with a bone, and I just need to clarify. Some of those kints are just your regular garden variety knits that you're using for t-shirts etc? Just as long as they're slippery?"

Yes, just garden variety knits. And they don't *have* to be slippery if you're wearing them under jeans, etc. I just prefer slippery fabric when I'm wearing a skirt or dress. And I also use what I have and lately I've been sewing with rayon knits that are more slippery than cotton knits. Experiment and see what you like.

Regarding the purple bra/panty set, "Nylon takes dye?!???!!!! Who woulda thunk it? Please tell me you're not dying your thread? I'm sorry if this is a stupid question, but wouldn't you just use purple poly thread???"

That set started out white and I didn't know what color it was going to be until I dyed it. It could've been green or pink or orange or whatever mood struck that day. If I knew it was going to be purple (and that the white poly thread didn't take dye), I might have used purple poly thread. But the beauty of nylon thread is that it will dye to the same exact shade as the rest of the lingerie so I don't have to worry about matching up beforehand.

"Just wanted to ask with a (wink) if you will be modelling the undies too?"

Um. No. Consider yourself lucky. LOL!


  1. What are you doing reading this. Go and sew those undies! LOL!

    I'm sure if lose your bamboo stick you will find another, and if you don't buy a tailor's awl. That's effectively what you have anyway. :)

  2. It looks like the sharpened stick is a pointier version of a chopstick.

    I have to ask though, What the heck are you doing running the elastic through the sewing machine? Are you prepping the elastic for the undies?

    Masouma Rose

  3. Looking forward to seeing your finished undies!! What do you use for the crotch lining-just some of the knit fabric??

  4. Ok, funny: "and tomorrow they'll be behind me."

    Funny again...
    1-1/2 cups heavy cream (Yes, OMG)
    1/4 cup butter (as if the cream weren't enough)

    BWAHAHA!! (especially considering I have 2 QUARTS of heavy cream in my fridge for the EXACT same thing. Which I had for lunch today. Oh, and once you decided to have the heavy cream, the butter ceases to count.) We're skeery alike.

    My ONLY difference in your recipe is Sweet Basil instead of Parsley. I think I could snort Basil I love it that much. Hmmm...

  5. Debbie, I am curious as to whether you have used Curves software to create panties or do you prefer the KS pattern? (I would love to try some myself but not sure whether to try a Curves draft or buy a KS pattern.) Loved your "tomorrow they'll be behind me" comment. Too funny!

  6. Aaah Debbie, I was hooting at those replies, too funny. That little stick thingy looks like a sharpened cuticle orange stick, No?

    I know just how you feel with this type of sewing, but just completing one, then maybe a couple of hours later another etc. It is like walking up a steep hill, you will eventually get to the top just by putting one foot in front of the other.
    This type of sewing irks me too, I still have 2 undershirts (cut out) out of a total of 5 waiting around for the last 3 months! I'll take them on this summer...LOL.

  7. Dragging your behind, so to speak, on the panty sewing, I so understand. As to your bamboo tool, if you lose it or break it you can buy sewing awls. I have a beauty I bought at a sewing convention, it is metal with a hand carved wooden handle and it lives on top of my sewing machine and gets used OFTEN. I know you can get cheaper ones than my fancy dancy one.

  8. Thanks for that tip with the bamboo stick. That stick can be readily found where you buy your nail polish. It's used to push your cuticles back.

  9. Why not do "A Pantie a Day." Sure, you'd have to change out the thread in your machine, but at least you wouldn't have a pile of panties and a pile of elastic haunting you. And, maybe you could write little essays called "The Secret Life of Panties." Ummm....on second thought, maybe not. ;)

  10. Debbie, I really enjoyed reading your blog. It made me laugh out loud!

    You've inspired me to make undies (I'd been thinking about it for a while), and I hope you get yours done and put behind you!

    Those bamboo skewers are great. I've been using one for a couple of years now. I got it from a pack of Thai chicken satay kebabs. It's one of the first things I look for when I thread up my sewing machine - it puts the thread to the back without scratching the metal plate.

  11. Just earlier today I happened to think of the nylon taking dye question, so I did a google search, and sure enough my research said it CAN be dyed! Since I've had experience trying to dye polyester, I just assumed that pretty much ALL man-made fibers were undyeable. You really threw me for a loop when you said you didn't dye the bra/panty set until AFTER you had made it! I just assumed you had dyed the pieced separately! Thanks again for passing on all of your knowledge Debbie, you're a sweetie!

  12. Hi Debbie,
    I enjoy your sewing adventures. I have tried looking around at your website to see what kind of sewing machine you use. I particularly like all the markings you have on your stitch plate. Maybe you'll do a post on your machine some day.


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