Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Up Next?

I think this skirt is what I'm making next. It's from the 04/2005 issue of Burda WOF, the issue with the (in)famous twist top. But I haven't even started tracing it. Life is busy these last couple of days so no sewing-related activities have happened. (Well, last night at bedtime I did read through the Australian Stitches that arrived in the mailbox yesterday.)

Right now my plan is to test this pattern in the stretch poplin print I've had out for the second skirt to match the new lavender tops. If it doesn't work, no big loss. But if it does work, I can see this being a good skirt staple for many skirts to come. This skirt does have an elastic waist, but it's as a facing not a casing. It also has a back invisible zipper and darts all around, for a somewhat sleeker fit (I'm hoping).

DH is going with the boys tonight to see Harry Potter in IMAX. I have no interest in Harry Potter (sorry HP fans!) so maybe that will be my opportunity to trace and cut.


  1. That skirt looks as if it will be a winnre. I'll be interested to see the result. Happy sewing!

  2. I'm not a HP fan either. I felt so alone until now. Hee hee.

    I have that issue. I'm going to watch how you sew this up, and then I might make it as well sometime cuz I'm completely out of skirts!

  3. How do you get the Australian Stitches in the US? I can buy it here (Malaysia) in bookstores but am moving back to the States in Aug. Stitches has been one of the perks. As to HP, I love him and a quiet evening of sewing is very enticing...

  4. Debbie, that skirt pattern has your name on it :) I am almost certain you will love it.

  5. Oooh I love the shape of that skirt!

  6. Could never get into HP either! As to the skirt, I don't like that the seam goes right down the middle of the ruffle flare. Me, I'd look for another way to cut that piece. Be interested to see how that elastic waist facing works.

  7. Oooooohhhh!
    Let us know what they thought of the IMAX version. My girls want to see it that way, and just wondering if it's all worth it. It's a long drive to that theater - don't know how much in advance to go, and I'll have to pre-order tickets, etc.
    I think the skirt is cute. Go for it!

  8. Happy Sewing, it look slike a great skirt to sew.


  9. That jacket is one of my favourites


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