Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A Couple More Thoughts on the Dress

I agree with everyone who said that the full gathers aren't the best look for a full bust. But I am still going to make the dress when I decide on a fabric. I might even use a knit since then I wouldn't need as big an FBA and it would be nice and drapey. But anyway ... I know, I know. ;-) That's one of the reasons for the muslin — to see how to adapt the pattern to not only fit my body but to *flatter* it too. I'd never wear this style dress on its own because I need some waist definition. But the right outer layer will do that. A short-sleeved summer sweater or a less structured jacket would work.

Other progress today: I started and finished the skirt (KS 3287). Praise be for TNTs! ;-) I lengthened it 2" and it's going to be great with the jacket. And the shoes. ;-) Let me say again how much I love the 1/4" downturn feller on my coverstitch machine. The poly fabric zipped right through for a narrow hem with not even so much as one slippery whimper.

Speaking of the jacket … a little more progress on getting it done. After sewing in and ripping out the (very thin) shoulder pads 3 times because I couldn't decide whether I wanted them or not, I ripped them out for good. The jacket isn't really drafted for shoulder pads and I didn't make an allowance for them. While they technically fit in because they're thin, I just didn't like the bulk. After that, I serged the armhole seam allowances which means my decision (and the lining) is final and there's no going back. LOL! Now if I could only motivate myself to do the buttonholes and get this thing finished. I'm still mulling over whether I want 2, 3, or 4 buttons. Why are all these decisions so paralyzing?

Then I traced Jalie 2794, the knit sweetheart neckline top. I'm going to try it in a summer sweater knit (without the front shirring) to complete the skirt/jacket outfit. But I'll do a quick test in an icky knit first. Hopefully, I'll get to that after dinner. It's nice to finally see a whole outfit coming together. You'll get to see it when it's complete.


  1. Personally I think the dress will work great with a dress but here is an option. Turn the gathers into little darts...it will add interest to the yoke and take away some of the fullness. I don't think you should give up on the dress yet because in a softer fabric it will hang differently.

    Glad you got some TNTs finished as part of the suit! Thanks for letting us come along and comment on your sewing journey! Ohhhh and odd number buttons work better for me!

  2. That should have been "the dress will work great with a jacket!"


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