Sunday, April 20, 2008

Jacket Morphing Thoughts

First, thank you all for the good wishes. I'm actually feeling a little excited about the prospect of working in an office again, and not just complete dread. The "get out of the house and talk to other adults" aspect is very attractive, as are the new clothing opportunities. And, of course, the paycheck and benefits! But the reports of my demise have been greatly exaggerated. :grin: I'll still have my evenings and weekends and so of course I will continue sewing and blogging, but I just won't be doing each on a daily basis.

So, with that said, I need some office clothes and I really, really want to limit the ill-fitting RTW purchases if I can help it. I have a couple of weeks to get some interview outfits ready. Remember, this is Florida so we're always a bit more casual here. I'm sure that actual office attire will not be super dressy, but I won't feel right going on an interview unless I'm wearing a jacket and coordinated skirt or dress.

While snoop shopping online, I found this jacket at JC Penney. I like it because it is fashionable without being too trendy for my 46-year old self, and it will last a couple of seasons here in fashion-slow Florida.

If it came in a color I liked, I'd probably buy it. But it doesn't. So, the next option is to try to duplicate it (and change out those miniscule buttons!).

I have both of these patterns as contenders:

The first one (Simp 4122) I've already made and fitted, as my coral gauze blouse (which I wear a LOT now!). The second one (Simp 3874) is untested.

So now I'm trying to decide if it would be easier to redraft the neckline on 4122, which will also involve moving the yoke off the shoulder line a bit, or should I start with 3874, fit it completely from scratch, attach the bands so they aren't separate pieces and then add the center front extensions. Either one will also involve removing most of the gathers from the sleeves and changing the sleeves to something else. I'm not really fond of the sleeves in the JCP jacket, nor do I love the sleeves in 3874. It's going to be hot here. I want short sleeves of some sort.

(As I type all of that out, I'm thinking it will be easier to start with 3874 and use 4122 as a comparison.)

Also on the radar is McCall's 5329.

After we get back from the dog park, I'll be a pattern-cutting, muslin-ing fool.


  1. Great choices. The neckline of your first jacket reminds me of Vogue 8472 too (which I had noted down on my wishlist for the neckline).

    Success in finding a job you like!

  2. i like that first jacket,, alot, that will be nice in my wardrobe too, lol

  3. The red JCP jacket looks the same as the Simplicty SewStylish jacket #3631. Shorten the collar band and taper/shorten the sleeves (SewStylish #2 details how to do this) and it's the same jacket.

    Have fun sewing!!

  4. I hate to throw something entirely different into your mix but when I looked at your jacket choice I saw Simplicity 3631. You can shorten the yoke piece to get the jacket front styling and you can also shorten the sleeves. The only difference is that S3631 has raglan sleeves. Just another thought...

    I think you will find that you will have more than enough time to sew and blog, somehow I manage to do both and I work ALOT of hours! And it is a new sewing challenge for you to change your wardrobe from a casual one to a business casual one!

    It's a new adventure that I think you will enjoy!

  5. Debbie - I didn't read the comments before typing in mine but Sew4Fun and I had the same idea - so there must be some merit to this!

  6. I like that JCP jacket. I'm looking forward to see the wardrobe results of your new incarnation as 'working-outside-the-home' mum among assorted other roles. Good luck on the job hunting. It can be exciting and invigorating taking on a new challenge.

  7. Hello Debbie, Good Luck with your job search. I'm currently looking for a job myself and dreading the whole interview process.

    When you begin sewing the McCall's pattern (white jactket on the cover), will you please show what method you use to attach the collar. I'm looking forward to viewing your alteration process. Although I have many books, I seem to get a better understanding of the alteration process by following you and many others. Thanks!!!

  8. I like the last McCalls pattern for the jacket. I think that it will be more flattering than all those gathers on the other jacket We DD cup women tend to look better in tailered clothing that skims the body imo. I also think that it will look better with some of the skirts you like to make.

  9. I love that jacket! I may have to pick your brain on how to take the RTW look you love and DIY. I'm such a novice and have no books handy!

    The last pattern you posted, well I just have to say I say tons of those jackets all over New York and Connecticut.

    Can't wait to see what you do with it. Good luck on joining the job force again. UGH! ;) g

  10. The second Simplicity pattern will look nice with a skirt/sleeveless top, or with a shift dress. That McCall's Jacket is beautiful, but may be a bit of an undertaking before interviewing.

  11. I love the McCall jacket, have it one my list for this summer, but I think it may have too many fitting issues for a quick turn out. I like the Vogue 8472 that Sigrid pointed out. Another low-gather, quick sew option to the JCP jacket may be Simplicity 2877. I can't wait to see your new coporate wardrobe.

  12. Looking forward to your casual business items. I'm sure it'll provide a lot of inspiration for me here in Texas and get me on my way to my goal to change over my work wardrobe from 99% RTW to CBM ("couture by me").

  13. I favour the McCalls jacket, I find folds/gathers do not enhance my maturely developed bust, also the collar, being lower, may be cooler. I would use "unruffled" short sleeves too; let's face it, avant garde I am not.

    More personally, please let me add my very good wishes for your "new" life; I am going to miss your regular,invaluable posts. I have returned to dressmaking after many years as RTW no longer gives me the fit I require. Falling over your blog at the beginning of 2008 has been heavensent in my efforts. Bless you.

  14. Nice looking inspiration jacket. Look forward to seeing your rendition of it.


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