Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Belinda and Carolyn mentioned Simplicity 3631 in the comments yesterday. And darn if it isn't really, really close to what I'm after. But it isn't in my pattern stash and I wanted to start working on the jacket. Patient I am not. So I decided that the pattern I did have, Simplicity 3874, would work and save me a trip to Joann's. Plus, I do want to make the S3874 jacket per the pattern at some point and my fit alterations will transfer for that future project.

So, here's the first muslin.

The major fit alterations are done and now I'm just tweaking for style elements. After those are done, I'll revisit fit and then finesse the shape some more — things like adding a curved center back seam and raising the armholes a little. I know that this basic silhouette on my full-bust would be too sack-like as is and I will de-sack it. ;-)

The side on your right was sewn really ugly just to get an idea of how much gathering/ease I'm working with and to see if my altered pattern pieces both fit together and fit me (they do). The left side has the front pleats closer to final position, although I still need to tweak that a bit. The neckband looks caved in on Zillie, but her chest is much more hollow than mine and on me the neckline looks pretty close to exactly like the JCP inspiration jacket. I'm happy with that.

This is one of the sleeves with the 2.75" of gathering pleated out. Tomorrow, I'm going to morph another raglan sleeve with no gathering. I also pleated out the gathering at the back and will remove that width from the pattern piece. The length of the sleeves will not be as shown in the muslin. I just picked an arbitrary length for this muslin. I'm thinking the final sleeves will be 3/4 length with a wing flounce. I'll test that on the next muslin.

Tomorrow I hope to finish the alterations and a final muslin. And, I hope to have time to write a post about a special package I received in the mail from the other side of the planet.

In the meantime, I'm really getting into the new wardrobe thing. I ordered two pairs of pointy-toed heels from Zappos today. ;-)


  1. Your jacket is coming along nicely. I'm going to miss your almost daily posts when you start working. :(

    The main thing though is THANK GOODNESS the package arrived. I've been soooo worried thinking it was lost forever. :( It took for-ever to reach you but at least it made it. Yippeee!

  2. look at you getting all exciting for your new wardrobe, that jacket it going to turn out great, I just know it

  3. Cute! I have S3874 lying here on the floor beside me for cutting out. I'm lazy though and have been procrastinating. I'm glad you are excited about the work thing!

    Adult convo I get, but work is a little overrated, IMO. :D

    Plus...shoes purchased and no sneak peeky?? SHOE pics woman!

  4. Oh, pointy toe shoes. My feet are hurting already! Seriously, I hope you LOVE them when they arrive!

  5. Debbie - I know who Belinda is but who is Carolyn? Does she have a blog I'd like to read. Thanks. - Myrna

  6. Debbie, your such a WONDERFUL, consistent Muslin Maker!! Thanks for your lead and inspiration!!
    Warm greetings,
    Rhonda in Montreal (PR)

  7. Wow, that looks great so far.

    Now for some shoe pix...


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