Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Muslins and Mail

Finally, I'm ready to cut real fabric. Whew! I feel like I've accomplished nothing these last 3 days. I kept fighting the urge to just toss it all and run to the mall. But I stayed motivated because I know I'd never find what I have in my head and that whatever I did find wouldn't fit as well as I'm used to when I make it myself. I still don't have a thing to wear yet so the mall may still see me, but at least I'm feeling more optimistic.

I said yesterday that this KS 3368 jacket was a "near TNT." By that I meant I knew from my first trial of it there were still things to tweak. Fortunately, I had the finished jacket to try on to evaluate the tweaks. Unfortunately, I started seeing every little thing. Those tweaks took up my entire morning, but at least they're done now.

For the first jacket, I did not do an FBA. And because that fabric is a stretch denim and the pattern was drafted for a C/D cup, it really didn't need one. The fabric I'm planning to use for this second version is also a stretch woven but I want to line it with a non-stretch woven so a small FBA was in order. I also had to narrow the shoulders some more and move the shoulder seam toward the back. Nothing too complicated, but it meant a muslin (my third this week!) to be sure. My final change was to morph the sleeve from View C of McCall's 5329.

I'm also contemplating adding the "belt" pieces per the McCall's pattern and you can seem them pinned on the muslin in the pic above. I think I like them. They'd be from the same fabric as the jacket so it won't be a contrast, just a subtle design element.

Now, moving on to another topic which I mentioned this week …

Do you remember seeing this on Belinda's blog?

Well *I* took that pic above. Which means that *I* am the proud and grateful recipient of a wonderful birthday surprise from Down Under. She's a sneaky girl, that Belinda! Posting about her beautiful creation all the while knowing it was already on its way to Florida. Thank you SO MUCH Belinda!! It's now hanging up in my sewing room in a spot where I can see it from my sewing machine. I'd show a full-wall view except my sewing room is a complete disaster zone right now. ;-)

Also in the package were more goodies. First, a great birthday card (inside it reads "We're vintage"). It's actually 3-D, so that little hanger you see is real. Belinda always find the neatest cards. I think this one will eventually get framed and added to my collage grouping in the sewing room.

Next, a package of Burda tracing paper. I always wondered what that paper was that Belinda sometimes posts with her pattern tracings. It has a matte and a shiny side so it's always been very distinguishable to me. Now I know. I think I may just go ahead and use it on the KS jacket pattern, since it looks like a roadmap after the first and now latest alterations.

Also in the package was a flyer from Spotlight (like our Joann's), a flyer from a local fabric/sewing store with a list of their classes, demonstrations, and new fabrics. I've been pea green with envy about this store, Frou Frou, ever since I first learned about it. Belinda is so lucky to be in Melbourne with all those wonderful fabric sources in the same city. She also stuck in swatches (we trade back and forth) of some of her latest projects. The eyelet fabric she used for her prize-winning blouse is spectacular! (Actually, all of her fabrics are … see comments above about envy and Melbourne stores. Ahem.)

It's so fun to have such a kind and generous sewing friend from the other side of the world. The only downside is that she IS on the other side of the world. Or I am. ;-) But the internet and the mail makes her seem a little bit closer.

* * * * *

And last for today, my new shoes, which arrived yesterday.

I love them both so I may end up keeping them both even though I ordered two pairs of brown shoes thinking I'd send back at least one.

So, ladies, if pantyhose are passé, which I kinda know they are, just what do YOU wear with dresses/skirts and shoes like these? There's no way I'll go bare-legged to an interview. And even though I do go bare-legged all summer long and won't have a problem with that later if it's acceptable wear for wherever I end up, I still can't imagine either of these shoes with bare feet. Do you just live in flats and flip-flops all summer?


  1. Debbie, where did you find those awesome shoes? They look so comfy, yet so stylish!

  2. Lovely gifts from Belinda.
    As you know, my sister lives in your neck of the woods, and she does indeed wear pantyhose to work. Have to with shoes like that, and she wears pumps every day.

    oh, and Thank you for your well-wishes.

  3. Well, I'm wearing pantyhose today. I used to never wear them, but I'm in an conservative office setting. I think the trick is to go very sheer. Then, they look and feel much better.

  4. I wear leg makeup in the summer - I just can't stand panythose in hot weather! With sandals and strappy shoes bare feet are fine with leg makeup and a good pedicure, and with pumps I wear foot liners with leg makeup to avoid blisters. Also - in the summer, pumps are just office wear for me. I bring a spare pair of shoes for driving and walking to lunch. Hue sells several different types of liners and Amazon sells all of them. The trick is to find a style that doesn't peek out of the shoe.

  5. Pantyhose or thigh-highs. I have a dress code at work, doncha know!

    Even if I didn't, I just wouldn't feel comfortable wearing pumps barefooted and I never really cared for footies.

  6. Maybe pantyhose is out, but here in the Midwest? Still In, and I wear them 9 months out of the year.

    It's too dern hot and muggy in the summer, tho, so I don't wear panty hose then but resort to fake tan stuff (I have olive complexion so I don't need too much) and sandals. Or, on occasion, sneakers and socks! (Makes me feel athletic, hahahahahaar!)


  7. My office just changed its dress code, so we don't have to wear hose anymore. But with those shoes, I would definitely go with the sheerest you can find. I love Hanes Silk Reflections. They are very comfortable to wear, even in hot Texas summers, and come in a wide range of sizes and colors to match any skintone.

  8. Now I know what sort of job you're looking for. Those shoes give it all away!

    You'll be the nicely-dressed one wearing the PANTYHOSE with her name on the door!


    I can't wait to see the entire outfit.

  9. If you do end up sending one pair back, keep the bottom pair! And I don't care what's in or out, if I'm wearing heels, I'm wearing pantyhose!

    That was too sweet of Belinda to send you a package of goodies. The internet does make the world feel a lot smaller.

  10. I agree, if you can't bring yourself to go bare, wear very sheer pantyhose. I use Jergins something-Glow in Light. It takes away the cadaver look and sort of looks like pantyhose. It's so light, it's hard to mess up and end up with streaks and orange legs.

    That Belinda is a sweetheart. How do I get on her good side? My birthday is several months away, so I don't have much time.

    As to the shoes, where did you get those shoes? They are so me with the mid heel and everything else about them. I especially like the top ones. I'd return the bottom ones if you have to return one pair. At your new job, you'll be that new gal with the cool shoes.

  11. It depends on what industry you're in on if its passe...I wear pantyhose all year long except for late June, July and August...when it is acceptable in our office to go without...though the President's secretary sometimes has it on during that time!

    BTW, love both pairs of shoes!

  12. I work in Tampa and yep, most of us would wear hose with those gorgeous shoes. Remember, most offices are freezing from the air conditioner. It is just the trip back and forth that will kill ya'.

  13. I hate hose. I don't always wear them. And I tried the footies but they slip around on my foot. I go with hose for when it is REALLY necessary. No real rhyme or reason tho (would you expect there to be?)

  14. When I was in government work before retirement, I wore hose with everything including slacks as our dress code required it. Now, I seldom wear hose except for church and then it is thigh-high. Love both pairs of shoes and your muslins. Good luck on the job hunt.

  15. Yes! Silk Reflections are super comfy as hose.

  16. I would wear pantyhose. I always buy L'Eggs, a size larger than I measure for, and either buy the "no waistband" style (which is awesome) or buy the "shaper" style and cut the waistband off so it doesn't dig in. I find them both perfectly comfy, and no panty lines!

  17. I always wear pantyhose. I have them on today. But then like Belinda I am on the other side of the world!

    Nice pressies from Belinda - lucky you. Also very "noice" shoes.

  18. I won't wear dress shoes or sandles without pantyhose or kneehighs. I am often appaled at the number of women I see on "What Not to Wear" dressing for their final reveal who do not wear pantyhose. I hope this is not a common trend as I feel it looks terrible. I have always prefered a light support pantyhose as they do offer some anti-vericrose vein protection and I feel they do look sleek, plus they offer some tummy control. Hanes is the brand I prefer.

  19. I live in Phoenix, AZ, and with the weather already pushing 100 here last week, hose are just not an option. I wear them in the winter, and I find them comfortable with my suits and slacks, but not in the heat! I wear dressy sandals with a pedicure, have to have the pedicure, and my sandals are more dressy than my heels for winter. I wear alot of skirts, and have a jacket with me in case a client pops in, and I wear tailored pants that are capri length, and sleeveless shirts!!! I know sleeveless is a big no no, and that is why the jacket is not far from my reach, lol. I would not wear sandals if my pedicure was not in good shape, I would wear light hose with heels. So you see I HAVE to pamper myself with those pedicures, :). BTW, I see that you wear a french manicure, I do too, and toes to match, which lasts 3 or 4 weeks, not too bad.

    Good luck on your job search, I hope you find the perfect environment to work in and a job that is satisfying and challenging.


  20. Debbie, I'm glad you like the pressies. The birthday card almost jumped off the shelf at me, much like fabric does. :-)

    I like the shoes you bought, especially the second pair. They remind of the shoes I wore for my first job interview in the 80's. (Can't believe the 80's are back in fashion!) Just make sure you don't put matching 80's shoulder pads in your jacket. Workin' 9 to 5.......LOL!

  21. Not in a position to advise on the the pantyhose, though I assume that it is chilly in offices. but, I assume that you will be dressing up for the interview and you won't know what the dress code is until you gt the job. Like the shoes. It is always good to have more than one pair after all.

  22. Some places don't permit open shoes or capris and the panty hose are required with dresses and skirts. If you hate them, at least find a brand and shade that you find acceptable. Some have that added shaping quality that is a good thing to see under your clothing and is a free side benefit and are not a b to get in and out of like some and wear well all day not twisting or moving around because well they are made better and probably cost a bit more. So start now trying some different ones. Even if they are not required daily in your place,there may be days or meetings you need to don them. I taught in a high school and when we wanted more comfy shoes and dress we wore slacks and jackets to still look professional but that was long ago. I still do that if I don't want to wear dress heels somewhere but need to look dressed for some event that will require standing on concrete for a long time. mssewcrazy

  23. Hi Debbie--Long time reader, first time poster here. Pantyhose aren't so bad--as long as you find a brand/style that are comfortable to you. I like Hanes Everyday--they are dirt cheap and it's the only brand I've found where the waistband doesn't dig in. I wear pantyhose about 9 months of the year here in Maryland. In the hottest months, I go bare with a long (mid-calf) length skirt. :) Mary

  24. Debbie the shoes are fabulous! What are the dogs gonna do without you home all day?

    Anyway - I work in a law office and I either wear hose all year or some self-tanner, sandals and a pedicure! I order hose in bulk from No Nonsense and one good order generally last most of the year. I just feel more comfortable in a skirt with hose. Good luck on the job search. g

  25. Oh my goodness! I love those shoes! :)


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