Monday, April 28, 2008

New Patterns & Answers to Comments

The results of my "spree" at Joann's on Friday night:

Simp 3506 - Looks like a fast & comfortable dress and top to whip up. The jacket is too shapeless for me though. The pants will never fit in the size range I bought.

Simp 2923 - Princess lines and raglan sleeves. I like the combination.

Simp 4045 - This is the jacket (brown, bottom left) that I'm thinking of morphing into that JCP inspiration jacket, although it won't be an exact morph since this doesn't have raglan sleeves. I'm thinking more "essence of inspiration." I'll have to create a separate neck yoke since what you see on the jacket is just topstitching. I'll never make the skirts because they are too full for me, but the dress and top are cute. But that dress doen't fit the model very well, does it?

Simp 3631 - Or I could use this one that was recommended by Belinda and Carolyn. I do have the issue of Sew Stylish that shows narrowing the sleeve so I should be all set, right? ;-)

Simp 3678 - Likely that I'll never make this but you never know. I like all of the dresses and think the sleeveless jumper would be especially cute under a jacket.

New Look 6632 - I thought the angle of the jacket would be a flattering diagonal line for me. Sort of trendy but at the same time, not. I'd make the shorter version, but a bit longer than shown. If I make it at all.

New Look 6788 - I like the dress. The square neckline of the jacket might be a bit too fuddy-duddy. I bought this and then saw Carolyn's dress and was doubly inspired. Of course if I made this dress, I'd have to wear a jacket and never take it off. If Joann's had had two coordinating linen/blends, they would've come home with me too. But Joann's usually disappoints and was no exception that night.

And two which aren't on the website yet:

Simp 2899 - Another raglan sleeve/princess seams combination. I'm definitely making the jacket on the left. But I wouldn't wear it buttoned all the way up, if at all.

Simp 2896 - The dress I'm currently in the process of altering to use with the leftover lining fabric. The blouse is very much like my recent coral blouse but with a little bit lower neckline. I'll definitely morph them as that coral blouse is my newest favorite and I'm going to wear it out soon if I don't have another. If I have enough fabric, I might add sleeves to the dress so I have the option of taking off the jacket. (Sleeveless and me in an office don't mix.)

* * * * *

Answers to some comments:

Carolyn asked, "Are you going to make a few other pieces - skirt, pants another top so that you can mix and match all of the pieces for interviews?"

I'm definitely making more pieces. Whether they all mix and match, probably not. I tend to sew as "outfits" and not a SWAP. And I'll be filling in with RTW because there's no way I can sew an entire office wardrobe in a matter of weeks. And, yes, I already thought about the 2nd interview scenario. ;-)

Nancy K asked, (About buttons) "There are some good places online. Have you tried any?"

I haven't yet. The problem is I don't *know* I need buttons until I know what the fabric will be and I'm well into the project and then I'm too impatient. I have a hard time picking out buttons for garments which don't yet exist. Not a problem with fabric, just with buttons. Which is why I don't have a good button stash.

CandyO asked, "This is your first lined jacket? Wow. That makes me feel a little better about my own abilities, since I just assumed you were awesome at all things sewing. ... Is that the McCall's Nanette Lepore knockoff?"

You're funny! I am most definitely NOT "awesome at all things sewing." Yes, this is my first lined jacket. And even with this, I haven't lined the sleeves so I still have that hump to jump at some later point. There just hasn't been much need for a lined jacket in my SAHM world. I know there's plenty of other sewing related things/skills I haven't done/mastered yet. That's one of the things I love/hate about sewing ... so much to learn and stay challenged, so much to screw up on. LOL!

And sort of. The jacket is actually KS 3368, with the waistbands and sleeves inspired by that McCall's pattern.

Myrna asked, "I know who Belinda is but who is Carolyn? Does she have a blog I'd like to read."

Carolyn is DiaryofASewingFanatic. I bet you already follow her blog and didn't realize they were one and the same.


  1. Debbie ~ a coupla comments!

    S4045 would make a great dress on you! The gathering at the neckline would make the girls stand out but not in a bad way, just cut it a little slimmer to the body and you would fabu.

    NL6788 I bought for the jacket. I thought about the dress but I have another Vogue sundress that would fit better and work under the jacket. The jacket is a Liz Claiborne knock-off.

    S3631 - please, please try this one! I think with the sleeve reduction you will love it. It is one of my favorite jackets. Really need to make another one!

    NL6632 - waste of time IMHO. I don't think the diagonal will work well but I would be interested in seeing what you come up with!

    S2896 - I'm going to have to buy this one. The dress is a keeper and would be a work horse with a good ltwt sweater...y'know to hide the bare arms in the office and to deal with the airconditioning.

    Ohhh, its going to be fun to watch you come up with a new work wardrobe...inspiring too!

  2. I picked up 2899 today. I love that one. I can't wait to see your wardrobe come together.

  3. I agree about the diagonal. It's just not versatile enough, especially for Fl. It won't be good open. I honestly don't like the shift dress thing. Especially with a larger bust. It's like a large rectangle. I like the jacket you made because it suggests a waist. I do like 3506 and 2899. Good luck finding rtw. I am so picky these days about fit that its hard to settle for rtw, when I can do it better.

  4. Did you notice the fit on those pants in 3506? They taper in at the ankles, not imo a flattering look even if you are as thin as that model! I have that dress pattern, with the jumper and I may finally use it!

  5. I was excited being a pattern collector that I have the first 5 patterns already. If I can work in a road trip this week I can hit the Hobby Lobby sale. (questionable at best as the next two weeks are are crammed and hectic). You will really love your tnts when you are working as it will make it so much easier to add some pieces and variety to your work clothing. My daughter favors wonderful "outfits" as opposed to the mix/match theory. I sort of dip into both camps of wardrobing theory. She says many never look that great as they swap pieces so much that their wardrobe is a hodge podge never wonderful like that really great "outfit". mssewcrazy

  6. Debbie, lots of nice patterns! I wish patterns were cheap enough here that I could afford that many at one time. Then again maybe not. :)

    I love the Project Runway jacket so I cruised the Simplicity website and found out it's only for plus sizes. :( Boohoo!

  7. I've made Sim 3678, the one on the far left in pic--long sleeves in rayon/lycra knit. I LOVE it and wear it alot. It went together easy and I didn't have to alter at all. It's pretty forgiving. I am enjoying your back to work sewing journey, but I'm glad I'm still retired!

  8. I love that S2986 dress. I'll have to pick that one up for me since I don't mind sleeveless. You see, in my classroom, I'm in charge of the air conditioner.

    Debbie, I really hope you are enjoying the new wardrobe process as much as I am following along vicariously.

  9. I like the NL6632 jacket but more as a coat than a jacket that I would wear indoors. I might pick that up and make it in the longer length next fall.


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