Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Second Jalie 2794 Trial

This is the first trial from this morning with the blend of sizes. Keep in mind that the bust gathers aren't spread out as wide as they should be and the binding in that area isn't sewn down which is why it's flipping up. Overall, not terrible. It's a bit tight in this almost unstretchy knit, but I was expecting that; my intended fabric has much more give and less recovery.

This is a straight EE, except that I did alter for square shoulders on this one. And then promptly pinned it out for the photos, which is why you see pleats on my shoulders.

The neckline is way too low, exposing cleavage not appropriate for an office setting. And this is without the center front shirring. Also, like the first trial, the back neck is much too high.

The shoulder/upper chest is also too wide (and boy do I have a redneck tan!). I've pinned out some width at the armscye. I think the armhole is also a little too low.

You can't tell that there is any easing from the center front piece onto the "bolero yoke" piece. That's because there isn't much at all in this size. Odd. I see a little dart trying to form from the armhole. I don't feel like doing an FBA on this pattern. After all, it's not a fitted blouse and I'm tired of muslins for today.

Somewhere between these two trials is the answer and now I need to decide which one to work with. I think if I can get the bolero yoke sized correctly, the rest will fall into place. Except the neckline will probably still need to be raised.


  1. There's definite possibilities there. It all seems to hinge on the bolero/neckline. I like the bolero proportions on the unblended version better but that could be fixed on the blended version. The working wardrobe seems to be coming together nicely. When do you start interviews?

  2. It will be nice, although the neckline is ridque for the office. I'm sure you'll work through the issues. Looks like you've been out in the sun!

  3. Okay, so I must definitely dress inappropriately in the office cuz I don't see anything wrong with that neckline. ;) But perhaps it's lower than it appears in the picture. I do definitely want to try that pattern though because it's a darling top!

  4. Based on your last two entries, I bought this pattern. I was wondering, do you think it is okay to put the front shirring on this top? I was contemplating leaving it off. I can't wait to see what the final fabric is you intend to use for this top.

  5. "The neckline is way too low, exposing cleavage not appropriate for an office setting"

    Okay, I can tell that you haven't been in an office setting lately...I work in a pretty conservative office and when it gets really hot the cleavage is popping! I am sure that is how it used to be but I wouldn't accept that as a hard and fast rule anymore!

  6. If you think that's risque, you should come to my office! And we're social workers! A male coworker thought it ironic that he was being talked to about an improper compliment by a woman with some "puppies" that needed to be "put away."

  7. Oh No! I recognize that's in my pile of "I wish I could actually throw away some fabric..." early fabric co-op, stuff mutter mutter

    The trial version is probably not going to tell you how to sew up a wonderful stretch knit, though, ya think? How about cutting the good stuff with w-i-d-e sa's. Lvoe this pattern.

  8. I think the pattern is lovely. You always inspire me to spend money. I agree with keely that it all seems to hinge on the bolero - I think it looks better in the first photo, but what do I know?

    Can't wait to see how the final top ends up. g


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